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Chicago Drunk Driver Auto Accident Attorney

It can be frustrating to learn that your motor vehicle accident was caused by the negligence of a drunk driver. It is crucial to hold this person responsible for his or her actions, and the devastation caused. Contact our firm today to learn more about your options for monetary recovery.

The Chicago drunk driving accident lawyers at Steinberg Goodman & Kalish have decades of combined experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases for our clients. We will carefully examine your situation to gain a clear understanding of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle and any potentially lost wages. After a thorough investigation, we will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier on your behalf. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, contact our firm today.

Drunk Driver Injury Attorney Chicago

Typically, a drunk driver will lose focus on his or her surroundings. His or her attention span is compromised, as well as the ability to judge speed or dangerous conditions. Often, a drunk driver will veer into oncoming traffic and cause devastating head-on collisions. Based on the accident and the injuries that were sustained, we will seek monetary compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering. Trust our firm to aggressively fight to ensure that you recover both physically and financially.

Dram Shop Liability

In some situations, it is possible to hold the person who over-served a driver financially responsible for a portion of the damages caused by a drunk driver. Whether the drinking occurred in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel bar or sports venue, an experienced attorney might be able to recover compensation for you. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney at our firm to learn more about your options. We will explore every legal avenue possible to ensure your financial stability as you recover from your injuries.

Contact the Firm

If you have questions after being injured in a drunk driving accident, schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Steinberg Goodman & Kalish. We will examine your situation and provide an honest case evaluation. Call us at Call 872-270-3625 or contact us by completing our online form.