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Professionals at nursing homes sometimes miss UTIs

If you have an aging loved one in a nursing home, you want to ensure he or she receives the best possible care. Still, urinary tract infections are often easy to miss. As such, you may need to closely monitor your relative to be certain he or she receives treatment for a UTI. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, a UTI occurs when the bladder, kidneys, uterus, urethra or another part of the urinary system develops an infection. Usually, UTIs come from bacteria entering the urinary tract. While nursing home professionals properly diagnose many UTIs, they sometimes either misdiagnose these infections or miss them entirely. Here are three reasons diagnosing a UTI may be difficult. 

Take a Stand Against Pill Mills and Make Millions in the Process

tablets-1001224_640.jpgPeople with inside information about illegal activities in pill mills can receive compensation for blowing the whistle on the wrongdoer's bad acts. As America grapples with the consequences of a growing opioid epidemic, awards are available for individuals who speak up and shine a light on those who are profiting from addiction and death. 

Surviving a Tire Blowout: Here's What to Do

tyre-1614265_640.jpgTire blowouts usually occur without warning and can cause a total loss of control over the vehicle's direction. What happens in the split seconds from blowout to complete stop can make all the difference between minor injuries and fatal consequences. Tire blowouts occur because of defective design, improper maintenance, or debris in the roadway. Because blowouts are often unpredictable, motorists should remain alert for the possibility of a blowout at all times when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Car accident lawyers suggest that drivers pay attention to the following:

Watch out for these common causes of boating accidents

With summer here and vacation time to use, a popular source of recreation in the Chicago area is to go boating on Lake Michigan. It can be relaxing or thrilling to feel the wind, sun and waves.

But it can also be a risky activity. Be aware of the common causes of accidents so you can try to avoid them and have a safe summer.

Delayed Treatment in Illinois Nursing Homes

computer-3343887_640.jpgDelaying medical treatment in nursing homes can cause a resident's health to worsen. This common form of nursing home abuse can have deadly consequences for individuals in elder care facilities. When delayed treatments cause injury or wrongful death, nursing home neglect lawyers can help victims pursue claims of neglect and abuse against the perpetrator(s).

Were You Hurt in a Golf Cart Accident?

golf-cart-4158568_640.jpgWhether it is on the golf course, in the retirement community, or on a large college campus, golf carts can pose a serious risk of injury or wrongful death. When golf carts cause injury, individuals and their personal injury lawyer in Chicago can pursue compensation to cover their medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc. 

When Minor Car Accidents Are a Pain in the Neck

crash-1308575_640 (1).jpgWhiplash and other neck injuries can occur following any motor vehicle accident, even those that are considered "minor." While most individuals who are diagnosed with whiplash will fully recover, the injury has the potential to become chronic and cause long-lasting complications for car accident victims. When whiplash becomes chronic, it can have a significant impact on the individual's quality of life and earning capacity. 

3 Red Flags Your Doctor Is Dangerous

surgery-1807541_640.jpgWith medical errors a common source of injury and death in the U.S., it is vital to take charge of your health care in whatever ways you can. One of those is to choose the right medical providers.

While proper certification and experience are a start, they are not the only things that matter. In fact, your doctor may be on probation or may have faced license revocation in a different state, not easy information to find or mandatory to share with you. Reviews are not that accurate, either. You need to be aware of the signs of a bad doctor so you can know when to look for a new one to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice.

Medical Professionals Go to Great Lengths to Conceal Malpractice

doctor-3212067_640.jpgMedical professionals often conceal treatment errors rather than admit their mistakes. This places patients at significant risk of injury or death and makes it difficult to determine corrective actions that can restore the patient's health. When physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals conceal errors, they deliberately place their professional reputation above their duty to protect patient health and safety.

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