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Number of Medical Malpractice Cases Continues to Fall

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.19.59 PM.pngThe rate of professional liability claims filed against physicians and other medical professionals is declining. There are many reasons for this including improved patient safety caused by greater oversight and stricter adherence to established regulations. However, while the rate of claims is declining, it does not mean that all problems are solved, or that patients aren't still at risk of serious harm.

Why Are Crush Injuries So Dangerous?

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 9.52.46 PM.pngCrushing injuries that are not immediately fatal can still kill as organs fail and concentrations of toxic substances are released into the bloodstream. Since this may occur many hours after the accident, individuals who suffer crushing injuries require prompt treatment and extensive monitoring. EMS crews, nurses, and emergency room physicians have a duty of care to thoroughly assess patients for injuries along the crush spectrum and apply the appropriate treatments before fatal events can occur.

COVID-19 is Leaving Nursing Home Residents in Limbo

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 9.29.50 PM.pngCOVID-19 is spreading like wildfire through nursing homes and creating a dangerous, potentially fatal situation for elderly residents and those with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Those who acquire the virus are being left in a state of limbo between hospitals and the healthcare they need, and nursing home facilities that don't have the training or equipment to care for them.

What is a Catastrophic Injury

pParamedicNeckBrace_3226152_s.jpgCatastrophic injuries cause permanent, often disabling injuries that can diminish an individual's quality of life and earning capacity. These injuries include paralysis, disfiguring burns, loss of limb, TBI, and many others. When catastrophic injury occurs, an accident lawyer can help individuals recover the compensation needed to cover the cost of medical care, physical and psychological therapy, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

What Is a Hypoxic Ischemic Brain Injury

brain-2836401_640.pngInfants who suffer hypoxic ischemic brain injuries at birth can suffer severe physical and neurological disabilities that persist throughout their lifetime. physicians and members of the delivery team have a duty of care to closely monitor the health of infants before, during, and after delivery to prevent these injuries. Nationwide, at least two, and possibly as many as ten out of every 1,000 infants born in the country will enter the world without sufficient oxygen reaching their brains.

Are Hospitals Liable for Injuries Caused by Ventilator Defects and Shortages?

Ventilator.jpgHospitals may be liable for injuries caused by supply shortages and defective equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant shortfalls and shortcomings in healthcare. These are placing patients at unnecessary risk to their health and safety. Individuals who suffer injuries, and survivors of those who pass away, may have the option to pursue compensation from healthcare providers. Because of current circumstances, individuals and their loved ones should contact an attorney prior to undergoing treatment with ventilators in order to ensure proper documentation and treatment. 

Suing a Negligent Nursing Home For Exposing Your Loved One to Coronavirus

senior-5088204_640.jpgNursing home residents are highly vulnerable to coronavirus and the potentially lethal respiratory injuries it causes. Nursing home care providers have a responsibility to ensure adequate protections are in place to minimize the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. When care providers are negligent in their duties, data from around the world shows that such negligence has deadly consequences.

School May Be Liable for Abuse by Staff

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 10.13.42 PM.pngStudents can suffer abuse from poorly trained, poorly equipped educators whose actions can cause serious harm to the physical health and educational achievement of their students. Physical abuse and discrimination is a common problem in many private charter schools. When abuse is suspected, parents have a responsibility to their children to fully investigate and pursue legal recourse to ensure their child is protected and that such abuse comes to an end so that other students don't suffer the same.

How Many Pedestrians Are Dying on U.S. Roads?

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 11.22.42 PM.pngMotor vehicle accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities are increasing in the US, and in 2019, the United States experienced a 30-year high in the number of pedestrian fatalities. When pedestrians are involved in a motor vehicle accident, they are likely to suffer disabling, potentially fatal injuries. When pedestrian accidents occur, an auto accident attorney in Illinois can help surviving family members pursue compensation for the loss of life of a loved one. 

How Will the Coronavirus Impact Medical Malpractice Risk?

coronavirus-doctor.jpgThe current pandemic is likely to have a significant impact on medical malpractice risk. Physicians are currently seeking legislative protection that would shield them from medical malpractice suits arising from care and treatment provided during these extraordinary times. Following efforts led by the American Medical Association, the Governors in New York, New Jersey, and Michigan have already issued orders that raise the standards for injuries and deaths that occur while the pandemic is ongoing.

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