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Health care fraud may be evidence of nursing home abuse

Many nursing homes in Illinois are safe and comfortable places. Unfortunately, though, nursing home abuse is probably more common than you think. Not all forms of elder abuse involve physical injuries or emotional harm, however. In fact, health care fraud may be strong evidence of nursing home abuse

There are several theories about what constitutes health care fraud. When trying to determine if your aging mother or father is the victim of elder abuse, though, health care fraud has a specific meaning. That is, the nursing home represents care in a way that does not match with reality. Here are some ways health care fraud may be nursing home abuse.

High school student struck by car and killed

On the morning of Feb. 4, a freshman at Richards High School left her home to walk to school. She would never make it. Instead, she was struck and killed by a man who police believe drove intoxicated that morning

The 15-year-old student suffered traumatic injuries to her torso. She died at the Advocate Christ Medical Center after transport.

The Deadliest Times to Drive Might Surprise You

jam-1776490_640.jpgThe after-work rush hours between 4 pm and 7 pm, as well as weekends and holidays, are the deadliest times on the road for American drivers.

Deadly Driving Times

According to 2016 vehicle crash studies in the United States, the risks for car accidents and injuries vary from state to state, as well as the time of day, month, and location. 

Is Your Loved One Suffering from Group Home Abuse or Neglect?

back view of a senior.jpgResidents in group nursing homes in Illinois are at considerable risk of neglect that can result in injury or death. Audits released earlier this year show significant deficiencies within taxpayer-funded group homes. These deficiencies include failures to report and investigate instances of elder abuse.

Epidural Steroid Injections for Back Pain Can Kill

syringe-1884758_640.jpgSpinal injections of epidural steroids can cause severe, potentially deadly side effects. These side effects can include blindness, paralysis, and strokes. These types of injections are not approved by the FDA, yet many physicians have used them to treat patients in spite of the warnings. In doing so, these physicians have negligently placed their patients at risk of serious injury or premature death.

Is Your Snowblower Defective?

snow-1901847_640.jpgDefective snowblower components can trigger dramatic failures that can result in serious injuries or death. Poor design, manufacturing defects, and the use of substandard components are common causes of snowblower failures. When defective machinery causes injury or death, the designer, manufacturer, and distributor may be liable for the injuries their negligence caused. Unsurprisingly, the majority of snowblower injuries are clustered around the day of, and in the days immediately following major snowfall in the area.

Medical errors the nation's third-most common cause of death

The doctor-patient relationship is one that involves a certain amount of trust, and because physicians undergo so much training, you are probably inclined to believe that whatever your doctor tells you about your condition is accurate. Unfortunately, however, doctors are only human, and they, too, are prone to making mistakes from time to time. When physicians make significant errors, however, it can have a substantial impact on your overall prognosis, which is troubling because medical errors have become particularly commonplace across America.

In fact, according to CNBC, medical mistakes are now so frequent that they have become the third-most common cause of death in the United States after cancer and heart disease. So, just how often are medical errors occurring, and is there anything you can do to help protect yourself?

Birth Injuries in the US: Here's What You Need to Know

baby.jpgInjuries suffered during childbirth can lead to long-term medical complications, permanent disability, or premature death. Birth injuries occur at a significant rate in the United States. All members of the delivery team have a duty of care that includes protecting mother and child from harm. When they negligently perform their duties during childbirth, their actions can have lifelong consequences for the infants they deliver.

American Women More Likely to Die During Pregnancy and Childbirth

consultation-3486590_640.jpgWomen today are more likely to die because of pregnancy-related issues than women in other developed countries and they are about 50% more likely to succumb during childbirth than their own mothers were a generation before. As maternal mortality rates in the United States continue to rise, expectant mothers should pay close attention to the care they receive.

Did "Reckless Disregard" for Player Safety Cause Disabling Brain Injuries?

football-801047_640.jpgReckless disregard for player safety in sports years ago may be responsible for disabling and even deadly brain injuries today. The problem has gained nationwide attention in recent years as former players and their physicians investigate latent conditions like CTE that may have been caused by repeated concussions or serious head injuries that were suffered during participation in sports in the past. New regulations and rules have been introduced to protect players from the long-term harm that traumatic brain injuries create. Changes to safety regulations today, however, do nothing to protect players of yesterday.   

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