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3 signs you need a new doctor

Thumbnail image for doctor-563428_640.jpgFew things are more frustrating than not having answers to important health care questions. After all, if you do not feel well, you want to recover as quickly and completely as possible. Even if you are in good health, you need reliable guidance about preventative care. Either way, having an effective doctor-patient relationship is essential. 

Identifying nursing home abuse before it becomes deadly

care-4083343_640.jpgVisiting an aging loved one in a nursing home may become a routine weekend ritual. Seeing someone you love in an environment that provides constant care and supervision puts your mind at ease.

However, what if a weekend visit leaves you feeling uneasy? While you cannot prove any wrongdoing, you feel like something is off. Discover some nursing home abuse warning signs that you should never ignore.

When Your Kidneys Go Missing

surgery-1807541_640.jpgRemoval of a healthy kidney can leave a patient without a functioning kidney. This wrong-site surgery can have serious, even fatal consequences for a patient. When physicians remove the wrong kidney, they may leave a diseased or cancerous organ in place. Without at least one properly functioning kidney, the patient can be reliant on dialysis and transplant for survival.

Recovering Damages for a Botched C-Section

baby-821625_640.jpgIf a botched c-section injures a mother or her baby, the victim might be able to recover damages by filing a malpractice claim against the doctors, nurses, and the hospital where the surgery was performed. C-section injuries can have lifelong consequences for mother and child. Doctors have a duty of care to their patients to inform them of the risks and to adhere to established safety procedures to reduce the dangers.

Nursing Home Abuse: Are Surveyors Doing Enough?

aging-2379003_640.jpgThe Government Accountability Office (GAO) says Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services surveyors may not be doing enough to protect nursing home residents from abuse. Current regulations leave many gaps in the records that allow abusers to slip through the cracks. Enhancing reporting standards will help regulators establish patterns of abuse so action can be taken against abusers in the nursing home industry.

Are You Driving a Distracting Car?

navigation-1726067_640.jpgMany newer cars are equipped with in-dash entertainment and information screens that are designed to make driving easier and safer, but these features may create deadly distractions for drivers. In an era when distracted driving is claiming an increasing number of lives, motorists should be acutely aware of the dangers of taking their eyes off the road.

Avoid multitasking while driving

text-while-driving.jpgEvery day around Illinois, numerous drivers end up in car accidents. Some are minor while others are more severe, but many drivers could have avoided a collision had they not tried to multitask while behind the wheel. 

Several studies have shown over the years that performing other activities while driving can increase a person's risk of being in an accident. Performing other activities can be everything from talking on the phone to listening to music. Although Illinois has laws to prevent using a cell phone while driving, people also need to be aware that they should not eat, apply makeup or do anything else while driving. It could mean the difference between getting home safely and ending up in a crash. 

Are Your Pet's Treats Making You Sick?

dog-2583282_640.jpgPig ears and many types of dog treats can harbor potentially hazardous bacteria and viruses that are transmissible to humans. Exposure can cause serious illnesses that can have fatal consequences. Contact is especially dangerous to pet owners who have weakened immune systems and for those who contract bacteria with a known multi-drug resistance.

Were You Harmed By Overtreatment?

pills-3673645_640.jpgOvertreating injuries and illnesses is a common problem that can cause suffering for patients and result in extended recovery periods, new medical conditions, permanent injuries, and death. Overtreatment can include ordering unnecessary surgeries and tests or administering medications that are of limited value to the patient's health status. When doctors overtreat their patients, they negligently put patient health and safety on a back burner.

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