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When 'routine surgery' ends up being ruinous

Just because your doctor calls a surgical procedure common or routine does not mean it is without risk. Any time a patient undergoes some form of ectomy - the surgical removal of something in the body - something can go wrong. One minor misstep in a Chicago operating room might not create much of a problem. Several together could combine and leave you seriously ill or disabled. In the worst cases, mistakes can result in death.

One story out of professional football serves as a good case in point. The date is September 2016. The place is the Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Florida. The patient is former Minnesota Viking, Sharrif Floyd. According to details of a lawsuit he filed recently, he went in for what was described as routine arthroscopic surgery with a month's recovery and ended up out of a career.

Are Your Injuries SIgnificant Enough to Warrant a Lawsuit?

Screen-Shot-2018-05-16-at-4.34.54-PM.pngPersonal injuries do not have to be severe in order for plaintiffs to pursue and secure compensation for their treatment and the pain and suffering they create. In Illinois, individuals can pursue compensation for minor injuries such as cuts and lacerations, broken bones, severe bruising, etc.  

Recognizing the Hidden Signs of a TBI

anxiety-1337383_640.pngTraumatic brain injuries (TBI) do not always cause readily apparent signs and symptoms and close monitoring following a suspected injury is essential for the administration of prompt treatment. When an injury is "silent," early recognition of signs and symptoms can have a significant impact on the individual's long-term recovery prospects.

Are You Afraid of Needles? (Maybe You Should Be)

syringe-1884784_640.jpgUnsafe injection practices place patients at unnecessary risk of acquiring infections and disease while under the care of physicians, nurses, and anesthesiologists. From 2001 to 2011, more than 150,000 patients were negatively affected by unsafe injection practices. It is a common problem across the United States with potentially deadly results.

Tailgating and Fierce Rivalries Can Lead to Parking Lot Injuries, Deaths

parking-lot-240896_640.jpgWhen attendees at sporting events get hot under the collar as rivalries and competition heats up, venue owners have a duty of care that includes protecting individuals on-site from harm. When organizers of events or property owners fail to provide adequate security, a personal injury lawyer in Chicago can hold them liable for the property damage and personal injuries that result. While sports players and staff often have significant protection during a game, fans and bystanders are left largely to fend for themselves if an altercation erupts. 

Where to Avoid Driving During High Wind Storms

While Chicago is not actually the gustiest city in the United States, there are days where it displays that it rightfully earns the "Windy City" title. With just a few months until winter, the wind is starting to pick up to an average of about 12 miles per hour.

This means that the especially windy days in the city will be more perilous to drivers who lack the experience or knowledge to deal with this type of climate. Traffic is inevitable in this large city, but there are areas you should try to avoid going through if possible to avoid a potential vehicular catastrophe. If these obstacles are on your daily commute to work or home, it may be time to take a detour.

Unusual Legal Strategy Could Be Game Changer in Medical Malpractice Suits

usa-2018855_640.jpgMedical malpractice cases may involve elements of fraud which allows injured patients or their surviving family members to pursue claims based on fraud and not medical malpractice alone. This makes it possible for individuals to pursue claims for punitive damages which are not allowed under Illinois medical malpractice statutes.

Financial Exploitation Runs Rampant in Nursing Homes

wallet-1013789_640.jpgElder financial abuse is a growing threat and family members should take proactive steps to protect their loved ones. Protecting against financial exploitation requires closely monitoring those who have access to the individual's finances and constant vigilance overbalances and the disposition of assets. When financial exploitation is uncovered, it is imperative to take immediate action to prevent further harm from taking place.  

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