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Recognize the signs of abuse to protect your loved one

old man in wheelchair.pngThere is nothing more upsetting that the moment when you have to decide to get your parent care in a nursing home. It's at that point that you realize that you can't do it on your own and that their decline into old age has begun.

It's frustrating and upsetting to have to move your loved one out of their home and into a new residence. It can be scary, too. After all, there are serious cases of nursing home abuse and neglect that you've read about. If that happened to someone you loved, then you'd be beside yourself.

Are Cameras Contributing to Red Light Rush Crashes?

traffic-lights-2624664_640.jpgGrowing evidence shows that red light cameras may increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents in urban areas. Previous claims suggested these cameras would reduce crashes and improve public safety, but evidence shows they simply rearrange traffic patterns, increasing non-angle collisions. Even so, these devices continue to be installed at intersections throughout the country.

Surgical Staplers Causing Serious Injuries, Deaths

surgery-4607284_640.jpgMalfunctioning surgical staplers manufactured by Johnson and Johnson's Ethicon unit were recently recalled after at least seven patients were seriously injured and one person died. When these devices fail to operate properly, connection leaks post-operation, hemorrhages, or infection can result. Victims can pursue medical malpractice claims against the surgeon who performed the procedure and product liability claims against Johnson and Johnson.

Are Nursing Home Kitchens Endangering Residents?

soup-3310066_640.jpgPoorly maintained and operated nursing home kitchens place residents at considerable risk of food poisoning and other injuries. Nursing home operators have a duty of care to maintain these facilities and ensure staff members are properly trained in food handling procedures. Failing to adhere to established protocols and health standards is blatant negligence that can negatively impact the quality of life for residents.

When a Fall Alert System Fails

hand-77273_640.jpgFall alert systems that fail to operate properly can cause serious injury or death to the people they are supposed to protect. There are many types of personal emergency devices and individuals who use them depend on them to keep them safe. When design or manufacturing defects result in failure, individuals can pursue product liability claims against the manufacturer of the device.

Artificial Intelligence: A New Era in Medical Malpractice

artificial-intelligence-4458326_640.jpgArtificial Intelligence (AI) use in healthcare settings is a hazardous evolution that could result in serious injuries or wrongful deaths. Improper coding or interpretation of the data provided by AI systems could cause physicians, surgeons, or other members of the medical team to make otherwise preventable mistakes. 

The Deadliest Highways in Illinois

highway.jpgSummer is a dangerous time for travel and 102 fatal summertime accidents occurred on I-57, I-80, and I-55 between 2015 and 2017. Vehicle speed, driving distractions, vehicle condition, road construction, and many other factors can increase the risk of a fatal accident on these roads. Knowledge of the risks and proactive preparations can help reduce the danger motorists face when they travel down these highways and other roads in Illinois.

Your rights as a survivor to bring wrongful death claims

Dollarphotoclub_57318485.jpgAn unexpected accident that claimed the life of your loved one can leave you reeling with shock and struggling to adjust. Many people wind up so consumed by their grief that they overlook their rights and options in the aftermath of a fatal incident.

If the death of your loved one is the result of someone else's mistake or crime, your family may have the right to hold that person accountable for the financial and practical consequences of your terrible loss. Illinois' wrongful death statute empowers surviving dependents and family members to bring civil action against someone who causes the death of another through wrongful actions or negligence.

How Physical Restraints Harm Nursing Home Residents

Thumbnail image for back view of a senior.jpgNursing homes in the United States continue to use physical restraints even though the risks of serious injuries are well known. Often used to make the work of caring for patients "easier," the restraints can negatively impact the nursing home resident's physical and mental health. When nursing home staff use these devices against medical advice or contrary to the directives of family, they may be guilty of nursing home abuse.

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