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Early care for a spinal cord injury is often harrowing

Some individuals who are in motor vehicle wrecks suffer from spinal cord injuries. This is a serious situation that requires the person to seek emergency medical care. While this is necessary, it is often scary because there's a lot going on with a many medical professionals around. The person might be in pain, but that isn't going to be the priority at first.

Many times, a spinal cord injury patient is going to receive their first care from paramedics who attempt to stabilize them at the scene of the accident and then transport them to the emergency room. There are two primary focuses at the scene. The first is to make sure the person is breathing and has a heartbeat. The second is to stabilize the spine.

The Truth About Brain Injuries Sustained in a Crash

headache-4367062.jpgMotor vehicle accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries that can permanently alter the lives of survivors. While some healing can occur, the reality is that brain injuries often cause irreversible damage to memory functions, motor control, temperament, etc. These can affect the individual's ability to work, their relationships, and their quality of life.

Who Is Liable for the in Spike in Violent Crime on the L?

cctv-2596537_640.jpgCTA has added thousands of security cameras, yet crime rates on the "L" system have more than doubled since 2015. These crimes put riders at serious risk of injury or death. When riders use the system, CTA has a duty of care to protect individuals from individuals and incidents that could cause them harm.

The Role of Age and Gender in Car Accidents

a crashed car and a worried man.pngAre women more likely to cause car accidents than men? Are younger drivers a bigger threat, or does that honor go to older drivers? Is there any correlation between the two?

These are interesting questions to ask, and you can go over the data to see what types of drivers tend to cause accidents the most. This can help you understand some of the risks you face on the road. That doesn't guarantee you can avoid those risks, as you must share the road with everyone, but it still helps to show why driving is still such a dangerous activity.

Wrong House Raids in Chicago

aCityHomes_22677276_s.jpgWrong house raids are a growing concern in Chicago and while law enforcement agencies deny there is a problem, the increasing number of reports suggest otherwise. Incorrect information, outdated records, and police failure to exercise due diligence and reasonable care have left families, young children, and elderly victims traumatized, innocent people injured, and homes severely damaged. When Chicago police raid the wrong house and somebody gets injured or killed, multiple entities may be able to be held liable.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Medical Malpractice

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11.29.19 PM.pngMedical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States and understanding the histories of their doctors and the risks of any procedure before they receive treatment can help keep patients safe. When patients are injured by negligent doctors, they have the right to pursue medical malpractice claims. However, even with financial compensation, the damage done by a negligent physician can last a lifetime.

FDA Crackdown: Unauthorized Stem Cell Clinics

stem-cell-clinics.jpgMany stem cell clinics promise expensive treatments and unproven solutions that don't pass muster, and the FDA is cracking down on these bad actors to put them out of business. While there is potential in the use of stem cell treatment for some diseases and medical conditions, many of these treatments are experimental at this stage and few have demonstrated known benefits. However, that hasn't stopped unauthorized stem cell clinics from preying on the wallets of hopeful victims seeking solutions for serious medical ailments.

Recognize the signs of abuse to protect your loved one

old man in wheelchair.pngThere is nothing more upsetting that the moment when you have to decide to get your parent care in a nursing home. It's at that point that you realize that you can't do it on your own and that their decline into old age has begun.

It's frustrating and upsetting to have to move your loved one out of their home and into a new residence. It can be scary, too. After all, there are serious cases of nursing home abuse and neglect that you've read about. If that happened to someone you loved, then you'd be beside yourself.

Symphony Residence of Lincoln Park Nursing Home Theft: It's More Common that You Think

rob-3645241_640.pngTheft in nursing homes is a common problem, and in some facilities, it happens so frequently it may as well be considered standard practice. Elderly nursing home residents have a right to have their financial assets and personal property protected by those responsible for protecting them. When employees steal from elderly residents in Illinois, facility owners, managers, and the wrongdoers can be held liable. Symphony Residences in Lincoln Park is one of the most serious offenders in the Chicago area. There is a long list of theft from residents in this facility and many others in the state.

Are Cameras Contributing to Red Light Rush Crashes?

traffic-lights-2624664_640.jpgGrowing evidence shows that red light cameras may increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents in urban areas. Previous claims suggested these cameras would reduce crashes and improve public safety, but evidence shows they simply rearrange traffic patterns, increasing non-angle collisions. Even so, these devices continue to be installed at intersections throughout the country.

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