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Where to Avoid Driving During High Wind Storms

While Chicago is not actually the gustiest city in the United States, there are days where it displays that it rightfully earns the “Windy City” title. With just a few months until winter, the wind is starting to pick up to an average of about 12 miles per hour.

This means that the especially windy days in the city will be more perilous to drivers who lack the experience or knowledge to deal with this type of climate. Traffic is inevitable in this large city, but there are areas you should try to avoid going through if possible to avoid a potential vehicular catastrophe. If these obstacles are on your daily commute to work or home, it may be time to take a detour.

Is Your Child’s Landlord Providing Safe and Secure Housing?

When your child was small you did everything to keep them safe. You bought gates, outlet covers and any other popular product on the market. As they got older and spent more time away, you realized that you would never be able to provide that same level of security.

For the majority of parents, their fears about the safety and security of their grown children fade with each day that passes without incident. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all parents.

Lack of Regulation at Surgical Centers Raises the Risk for Malpractice

law-753482_640.pngMinimal oversight within surgical centers places the health and safety of patients at considerable risk for serious injuries or death. In many states, the oversight is so minimal that surgical centers are not required to report when their patients die as the result of surgical procedures. 

Knowledge Is Power: 5 Common Birth Injuries

It's common for mothers to make significant lifestyle changes when they find out they're pregnant. Because physicians know so much more today about fetal development than they did a generation ago, mothers replace alcohol and nicotine with supplements such as folic acid, vitamin D and calcium. They do this because they realize how significant their role is in the development of a healthy child.

Of course, there are many factors, such as genetics, outside of a mother's control. But when a child is born, another factor determining their health comes into play: the delivery.

Metro-East Nursing Homes Some of the Worst in Illinois

senior.jpgNursing homes in the Metro-East area are among the most dangerous facilities in the state for elderly residents. Many of these homes have significant rates of patient infection, assault, and other forms of elder abuse. While the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has issued numerous citations to nursing homes that have violated their duty of care to residents, many of these homes are still in operation.

How Safe Is Your Child's School Bus?

school-buses.jpgSchool buses bulky design and slow speeds help reduce the risk of injury and death, but that doesn't mean that they don't pose a risk to passenger safety. Like any other large vehicle, school buses can topple, be blown off the road, or become involved in collisions at highway speeds. Further, oncoming traffic poses a considerable risk to students entering and exiting the bus.   

Mesothelioma Is Commonly Misdiagnosed


Even with advanced diagnostic techniques, misdiagnosis of mesothelioma is common and can significantly impact a patient's recovery prospects. The longer the delay, the greater the likelihood that the cancer will spread throughout the body which will further reduce the possibility of a positive outcome.

Are Doctors Ignoring the Dangers of Anesthesia in Pregnant Women and Babies?

pregnant woman.jpgThe administration of anesthesia to pregnant women and young children may negatively affect the neurological development of the child. Warnings issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2016 strongly caution against the use of general anesthetic or sedatives during the third trimester and in children under the age of 3 years old, yet many obstetricians and gynecologists ignore this warning.

Every 21 Seconds a Person in the U.S. Calls Poison Control Due to Medication Errors

Thumbnail image for syringe.jpg

Medication errors can have potentially deadly consequences and every 21 seconds these mistakes cause someone in the U.S. to call poison control. The errors most commonly recorded include incorrect dosages, incorrect administration, ingestion or administration of "double doses," and taking the wrong medication. Doctors and other healthcare providers, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, and others can be held liable when medication errors lead to injuries.  

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