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Keeping children safe around TVs and furniture

When you have children in your home or business, whether they are your own children or visitors, you want the premises to be as safe as possible. In fact, you may have heard about children in the area who were seriously injured when a TV tipped over on them. The reality is that children have curiosity in spades. They see potential in a shelf or stove that adults do not, and an adventurous climb could be in the cards.

Here are some tips for making your premises as child-friendly as possible.

Danger on the Back Roads: Is Your Teen Driving Safely?

country-road.jpgTwo-lane country roads are more dangerous for teenagers than city streets and suburban lanes and it is important for them to learn how to properly navigate these and other diverse environments. Roughly 57% of teenage driving fatalities occur on rural, two-lane roads which are typically narrow and wind themselves over hills and through forests that present unique dangers and driving challenges. Teaching teens to traverse these dangerous roads is essential for keeping them safe.

Is Your Nursing Home Going to be Decertified?

certified stamp.pngIn the last quarter of 2017, the Illinois Department of Public Health initiated action or recommended decertification for a number of residential care facilities and nursing homes across the state for violations connected to patient care. When nursing homes repeatedly violate standards set forth by both state and federal agencies, they can be decertified and lose the ability to operate.

3 things to know about Chicago construction accidents

Construction work is a dangerous field, and injuries are unfortunately all too common. No matter how many precautions a construction worker takes, the risk of injury is always present.

Injuries on a construction site can come from a variety of different sources, ranging from equipment malfunction to employer negligence. If you are a construction worker who has suffered an injury at the work site, or if you are working in construction and want to know more about what to do in case you suffer an injury, here are three important things for you to know.

3 essential tips for driving near large trucks

You are driving on the highway while minding your own business when suddenly you come up beside a massive 18-wheeler. There is nothing fun or exciting about driving near a big rig. These huge vehicles may block your view and they may drift into your lane. Their enormous size and weight make them particularly dangerous if you get into a wreck with them.

Unfortunately, sharing the road with large commercial trucks is necessary, even if there is a high risk of getting in a tragic accident with them. While you may not enjoy doing it, here are some tips for staying as safe as possible when driving near commercial trucks.

Race and Ethnicity Influences the Quality of Medical Care Infants Receive

mom-infant.jpgStudies indicate that there is a considerable gap in care provided to children of different races and ethnic backgrounds. These factors should never influence a patient's care and when they do the consequences can be life-threatening. When physicians, nurses, and other caregivers engage in discriminatory health care practices, they negligently place infant patients at risk for serious birth injuries that can result in lifelong disabilities or death. 

Are You a Dangerous Driver?

car side mirror.jpgDangerous driving habits increase the potential for car accidents and avoiding these behaviors is essential for staying safe behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many drivers have a difficult time recognizing that their driving behaviors are unsafe. The following are some common driving behaviors that can help motorists gauge their performance behind the wheel.

The Tide Pod Challenge: Why Are Teens Eating Detergent?

detergent products.pngTeens are placing their health in jeopardy by ingesting toxic laundry detergent pacs in the Tide Pod Challenge as social media spreads the message that "all the cool people are doing it." This trend can cause chemical burns, central nervous system reactions and other serious personal injuries that could result in wrongful deaths.

Shocking Number of Patients Not Really Brain Dead

Thumbnail image for hospital patient-840135_640.jpgStudies from Canada indicate that approximately 20% of patients misdiagnosed as "brain-dead" are in fact conscious and have the potential to recover from traumatic brain injuries. This misdiagnosis can have fatal consequences that can result when physicians and loved ones "pull the plug" on life support systems that are keeping patients alive. New technology that detects brain activity could be the answer.

Overmedication in nursing homes qualifies as abuse

Recent studies have confirmed what professionals have long feared. Many nursing homes, in an effort to make staff members' jobs easier, will occasionally overprescribe medication or prescribe unnecessary medicine to their residents. One investigation conducted by NPR found that an excessive number of nursing home residents received antipsychotic drugs even though they did not have a condition that warranted such medication. 

Medications can certainly serve a valid purpose if they make a resident's life easier. However, it appears many places simply err on the side of prescribing too much rather than too little. It is vital to remain cognizant and proactive if you suspect a loved one receives too much of a potentially harmful medication at a nursing home

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