Chicago Falling Debris Attorneys

Depending on the size of the item and the height from which it falls, falling debris can cause catastrophic injuries or even death. If you or a loved one has been struck by a falling object on a construction site, we encourage you to call an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At Steinberg Goodman & Kalish, our Chicago falling debris lawyers have extensive experience representing injured individuals. Our clients are typically concerned about steep medical bills, lost wages or the loss of a wage earner in the family. It is our goal to guide you through this process while ensuring your financial stability now and in the future.

Chicago Falling Debris Injuries Attorney

Falling debris can mean any number of things, including:

  • Materials falling from an unsecured height
  • Stacks of lumber collapsing
  • Cave-ins
  • Unsecured walls falling onto workers
  • Materials falling from unsecured crane loads

Depending on where an individual is struck, these falling materials can cause serious head, neck, back or shoulder injuries. If the material is heavy enough, the worker might face multiple fractures, paralysis or even amputation. In these devastating times, it is wise to contact an attorney who is experienced in this area of law. We can examine your situation and provide a detailed case analysis that takes into account the strength of your case and the challenges you might face through a lawsuit.

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