3 signs that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse

As loved ones age, they may need more care than you or an in-home nurse is capable of offering. Nursing homes are an option that grants them community and aid without restricting their freedom excessively.

However, not all nursing homes provide the same level of nurturing and attention. There are many stories about neglect and mistreatment happening in these facilities. Certain signs may indicate that your loved ones are subject to such treatment.

1. Sores, bruises and cuts

Older individuals may have accidents just as often and even more frequently than younger ones. The sudden repeated appearance of bruises and cuts is not normal, though, and may signal physical abuse. Sores may indicate neglect. Bedridden seniors with limited mobility need nurses to turn them regularly in bed to avoid compression and friction sores.

2. Poor overall environment and condition

If your loved ones are constantly filthy and in unchanged, soiled bed linens, this is a major red flag. Other signs of neglect may include a sharp drop in weight, dry, cracked lips and constantly asking for food or water, which may indicate malnutrition and dehydration.

3. A drastic shift in personality

Elder abuse encompasses more than physical manhandling and neglect. Verbal and emotional torment are also forms of abuse. If your loved ones are suddenly withdrawn, fearful or quiet when they were not before, the changes may be the result of such cruelty.

Nursing home abuse may take different forms. It is imperative to watch out for anything that may indicate your loved ones are victims of it. If you do find signs of abuse, you may need to remove them from that environment and seek compensation for the harm done.


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