How can distracted truck drivers cause car accidents?

When larger vehicles pull up beside you or try to overtake you on the highway, you may start to notice these drivers’ unsafe habits.

Staying aware of the safety hazards for people in cars when on the road can help you as you travel.

Usage of dispatching devices

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, most trucks have devices inside them that drivers often use to talk with dispatchers or navigate roads. It can be easy to look down while driving and ignore an approaching car or another vehicle.

While cell phone usage is common, dispatching devices are still equally dangerous. Anything that takes a driver’s eyes and attention off the road can lead to a serious crash.

Higher vantage point

Since truck drivers sit higher up in their vehicles, it is usually harder to see approaching cars from behind or on the side. While truckers should always check their mirrors before turning or switching lanes, you may be at risk for getting sideswiped or rammed into if they do not.

Objects on the side of the road can also look different from this angle, which may cause truckers to stare somewhere other than in front of them. This kind of distraction can lead to devastating accidents for people in smaller vehicles, along with spine or head trauma.

Different handling

Trucks typically need more time and space to come to a complete stop, which means that the drivers must react quickly. In the case that they do not, then you could be at risk for long-term physical damage if you are in a smaller vehicle. Learning about these distractions can help you determine what to do next if you suffer from injuries in an accident.


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