Fog and the risk of a motor vehicle crash

From carefully observing traffic safety guidelines to exhibiting caution at dangerous intersections, you can take a number of precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of becoming involved in a traffic accident. You should also recognize the risks that come with certain types of weather, such as heavy rain, wind, snow, ice and fog.

In fact, foggy conditions can increase the chances of a motor vehicle crash for a number of reasons. Even if you drive carefully, other drivers could behave recklessly and cause an accident. Sometimes, it is smart to stay off of the road until conditions improve.

Traffic accident risks associated with fog

According to the Federal Highway Administration, weather can increase the risk of a traffic crash in various ways, from the way in which a vehicle performs to a driver’s abilities, road conditions and traffic patterns. Fog can make it very hard for drivers to see the road, and poor visibility can lead to speed variance and increase the chances of an accident.

For example, some people drive very slow during foggy conditions, while other vehicles travel much faster. This variance can result in a collision, especially when visibility is poor as a result of dense fog.

Recovering from a weather-related traffic accident

In the wake of a crash, traffic accident victims should examine all relevant factors and details surrounding the incident. Try to gather evidence and take pictures, and stand up for your rights if another driver’s negligence caused the collision. For example, if struck by someone speeding, which is especially dangerous when it is foggy, victims should immediately look into their options.


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