What are signs of neglect in a nursing home?

Illinois residents like you entrust your relatives to the care facilities you leave them in. When you choose a facility, you expect that you are getting the best quality service you can afford. 

Unfortunately, abuse is rampant in the nursing home industry. This sometimes even includes the best, top of the line facilities. But how can you tell? What are potential signs that your loved one is receiving poor care? 

Behavioral and physical red flags

U.S. News looks at warning signs of bad care, which often include the possibility of nursing home abuse or neglect. First are physical signs, which often act as the first red flag that something is amiss. This includes both physical and behavioral symptoms. Examples of the former include bruises, lacerations or pressure ulcers, especially in spots that are hard to see. Examples of the latter include your loved one behaving in an agitated or withdrawn manner. 

Warning signs in the staff

Pay attention to the staff, too. Is there a high turnover rate? This could result in a lack of relationship building between staff and patients. Is the staff stretched too thin? Are they not answering calls? Your loved one may not get the care and attention they need. Do they refuse to answer or deflect your questions? It could be a sign that there is something to hide. 

Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration or malnourishment, too. Staff stretched too thin might not give adequate amounts of food or water to residents. In some cases, they may miss entire meals. 

If you suspect neglect or abuse is happening, you want to do a little investigating. You may even want to file a report. The important thing is to keep an eye out and stay vigilant, looking for signs that could bolster your concerns. 


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