FDA Crackdown: Unauthorized Stem Cell Clinics

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Many stem cell clinics promise expensive treatments and unproven solutions that don’t pass muster, and the FDA is cracking down on these bad actors to put them out of business. While there is potential in the use of stem cell treatment for some diseases and medical conditions, many of these treatments are experimental at this stage and few have demonstrated known benefits. However, that hasn’t stopped unauthorized stem cell clinics from preying on the wallets of hopeful victims seeking solutions for serious medical ailments.

FDA Crackdown

Many stem cell treatments offered to consumers are not legal and do not have FDA approval. These modern snake oil peddlers use promises and hope as weapons against patients facing serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses such as COPD, cancer, dementia, etc. Many claim they are registered with the FDA, but that is vastly different than having FDA approval for the treatments they provide. Because of the proliferation of unauthorized stem cell clinics and the very real physical and financial harm they cause, the FDA is cracking down on these unauthorized stem cell clinics and closing their doors so they can’t harm others.  

About Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell research is in the early phases. There is potential for stem cells to help ease medical conditions that affect the blood, brain, bones, and organs. Thus, in the future, it may be possible to use stem cells as an effective treatment for leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, MLS, Alzheimer’s, back pain, and many other conditions. However, there are no “miracle” treatments at this time and the use of stem cell therapies is currently experimental. As such, thoroughly investigating the treatments their physician(s) recommend, and using caution if the results sound too good to be true can help people avoid becoming victims.

Avoiding Stem Cell Treatments Abroad

The FDA does not have authority over foreign entities. Many individuals look to clinics in China, Thailand, and other countries where stem cell clinics advertise fantastical treatments at seemingly reasonable rates. These treatments are no different than those offered by unauthorized clinics in the United States. Many patients who have received treatment at these foreign clinics end up with drained bank accounts, permanent personal injuries, and life-threatening infections. Attempting to recover compensation from foreign entities is virtually impossible and it’s simply not worth the risk.   


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