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How to Get Help with Your Medical Bills After a Crash

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |


There are numerous options to help accident victims cover their medical bills after a crash while they are waiting for their personal injury cases to become resolved. Medical bills add up quickly following a car crash and it is common to need help paying them. Unfortunately, the other driver’s insurance will not pay medical bills until the case settles. Bills from emergency room visits, doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and prescriptions, however, don’t wait for a settlement to arrive.

Options for Medical Bill Payments After a Crash

Accident victims should not delay treatment for any injuries suffered in the crash. This can prolong recovery and result in negative outcomes. In many cases, the injured person’s MedPay and/or health insurance policy will help cover these expenses and seek reimbursement when a settlement arrives. However, they will only cover up to the individual’s policy limits. The injured victim is responsible for paying any excess medical bills until the settlement is reached.

Delaying Payments

An accident lawyer can help negotiate delayed payments with medical providers. This is crucial because if victims don’t pay medical bills on time, it can seriously impact their credit and their ability to continue treatment plans. The car accident attorney may also be able to negotiate discounts based on the situation which can reduce the overall burden of the bills. Usually, the victim is required to pay a portion of the bill in exchange for a discount on the total amount owed.

When healthcare providers agree to delay payment, they will typically place a lien on the settlement. When the settlement arrives, they will receive payment and the remaining funds will be paid to the attorney and the crash victim as per the client agreement.

Non-Profit Assistance

Accident victims should reach out to non-profit organizations that help people reduce and restructure their medical debts.

Nonprofit entities can help navigate the financial options available and help the victim determine the best strategy for managing medical bills until the conclusion of the case. It may also be possible to qualify for Medicaid, a State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, or other specialized local assistance programs. There are also nonprofit medical clinics that provide free and low-cost services.