3 signs you need a new doctor

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Few things are more frustrating than not having answers to important health care questions. After all, if you do not feel well, you want to recover as quickly and completely as possible. Even if you are in good health, you need reliable guidance about preventative care. Either way, having an effective doctor-patient relationship is essential. 

In 1966, 75% of Americans had full faith in their doctors. By 2018, though, that number had dropped to just 34%. While there are many explanations for the decline in public trust, doctors share some blame. Put simply, you should not stick with a physician who is not meeting your needs. Here are three signs that you should probably look for a new doctor: 

1. Your doctor does not value your time 

Doctors have waiting rooms where you flip through outdated magazines before your appointment. While waiting a few minutes to see your doctor is common, your physician should not disrespect your time. Instead, he or she should schedule sufficient time between appointments to manage those that take a bit longer. If you regularly wait long after your scheduled time, your doctor may be too busy to treat you properly.   

2. Your doctor does not listen to your concerns 

Your physician may have treated similar conditions thousands of times. For you, though, your health care concern may be both new and scary. If your doctor does not listen to your concerns and try to address them, he or she may not be a good fit. 

3. Your doctor misdiagnosis you 

Even when doctors are diligent and professional, misdiagnoses happen. Still, if your doctor treats you for a condition that you do not have or misses one altogether, you may lose trust in his or her abilities. Furthermore, if your physician rejects your request for a second medical opinion, you may not have a direct path for resolving your medical quandary. 

If you and your doctor are not working well together, there is a good chance that you are not receiving the medical care you deserve. By knowing when to switch physicians, you boost your odds of receiving proper care throughout your life.


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