Avoid multitasking while driving

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Every day around Illinois, numerous drivers end up in car accidents. Some are minor while others are more severe, but many drivers could have avoided a collision had they not tried to multitask while behind the wheel. 

Several studies have shown over the years that performing other activities while driving can increase a person’s risk of being in an accident. Performing other activities can be everything from talking on the phone to listening to music. Although Illinois has laws to prevent using a cell phone while driving, people also need to be aware that they should not eat, apply makeup or do anything else while driving. It could mean the difference between getting home safely and ending up in a crash. 

You need all the brainpower you can spare

When you drive, you have to maneuver several different tasks at once. You need to ensure you abide by the speed limit while being aware of where other cars nearby are. When you adjust the volume or have a conversation with someone, it drastically cuts down on the brainpower you have for everything else. This is particularly important for teenagers. Over time, your body will naturally learn how to react. You may naturally brake when you see a red light up ahead. However, teens who multitask while driving may not develop these same signals, so they never quite have enough brainpower to do everything necessary of them. 

Hands-free cell phones are never safe

A lot of people think they do not multitask when they use a hands-free device. However, having a conversation and thinking about what to say next both impact your driving abilities. Your mind is on the conversation and not on the road. This activity gives drivers “inattention blindness,” so the brain has less power to process visual images. When you are behind the wheel, it is better to simply focus on the road and hold off on all other activities until you reach your destination. 


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