3 Essential Tips for Driving Near Large Trucks

You are driving on the highway while minding your own business when suddenly you come up beside a massive 18-wheeler. There is nothing fun or exciting about driving near a big rig. These huge vehicles may block your view and they may drift into your lane. Their enormous size and weight make them particularly dangerous if you get into a wreck with them.

Unfortunately, sharing the road with large commercial trucks is necessary, even if there is a high risk of getting in a tragic accident with them. While you may not enjoy doing it, here are some tips for staying as safe as possible when driving near commercial trucks.

1. Accept inconvenience

Sometimes you will simply need to accept the fact you will get stuck behind a big, slow truck. If you see one getting over into your lane, your initial instinct may be to speed up and pass it. However, this will only put you in more danger. Trucks have huge blind spots and also cannot stop quickly. If you suddenly pass a truck and cut in front of it, you may end up in a collision. 

2. Stay visible

Drivers of tractor-trailers have to deal with significant blind spots. Do not assume the drivers are able to see you at all times. Avoid driving directly next to a truck or following one too closely. Leave a substantial amount of space between you and 18-wheelers so you stay out of their “no-zones.”

3. Be ready for wide turns

If a truck is exiting the highway or you are driving near one on the city streets, make sure you anticipate when it will turn. Due to the sheer size of these vehicles, the drivers need to take wider turns than passenger cars. If you see a truck with a turn signal on, do not try to get between it and the curb or attempt to squeeze by.

These safety tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will help you navigate the road with trucks. If you have been in an accident involving a truck, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible.


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