Driving Dangers to Be Aware of this Holiday Season

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December and January are some of the most dangerous months for drivers and certain behaviors are responsible for causing the lion’s share of accidents. There are plenty of driving dangers to be wary of as the holiday season approaches but drug or alcohol impairment, distractions, drowsiness and weather-related road conditions can create a dangerous wintry mix. When victims are injured due to the negligence of another party, an auto accident lawyer can help them hold the responsible parties accountable.

Impaired Driving  

While the annual number of drunk driving deaths is declining, it does not mean the problem has gone away. Approximately 29 people die every day in drunk driving accidents and these numbers tend to spike around major holidays including Christmas and New Years. Alcohol is not the only reason that a driver’s ability may be impaired. It’s estimated that motorists involved in up to 50% of all accidents are under the influence of either illicit or prescription medications that could impair their ability to operate a motor vehicle.  

Distracted Driving  

Conversations with family over holiday plans, urgent phone calls from work, holiday music, and increased roadside advertisements create a considerable risk of distracted driving. Drivers should make a conscious effort to avoid these distractions and to be alert for other motorists who are distracted while driving. Drivers should be particularly alert in parking lots and residential areas where distraction and complacency can quickly cause a crash and the need to contact an auto accident lawyer in Illinois.  

Drowsy Driving  

The increase in late night gatherings with family and friends, holiday parties, and rushed workloads before vacations mean that many motorists will be a bit sleepy before getting behind the wheel. Drowsy driving is as deadly and dangerous as drunk driving and motorists should be sure to get plenty of rest before heading out on the road. Drivers should be particularly cautious of drowsy drivers in the early morning and late evening when the majority of drowsy driving accidents take place.  

Mother Nature  

Ice storms, heavy snowfall, and slushy roads are common weather-related driving dangers in Illinois. Motorists should pay close attention to weather reports and adjust their travel plans accordingly to avoid driving during dangerous weather. Further, motorists should ensure their vehicle’s tires, wipers, brakes, and other systems are in good condition. Failing to properly maintain a motor vehicle is considered negligent in Illinois which can lead to liability in an auto accident claim.                 


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