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There are different ways of pursuing nursing home abuse cases

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect |

Nursing home abuse and neglect are problems for some individuals who rely on care facilities to provide them with support during times of need. Chicago residents who personally experience harm due to nursing home abuse or neglect, or who believe that loved ones may be suffering from such traumas, can always discuss their concerns with attorneys who work in the personal injury field. Legal professionals who practice in this area can generally provide their clients with guidance on the concept of negligence, whether or not it likely caused the harm at issue, breaches of contracts, and other bases on which nursing home abuse and neglect cases may be pursued.

A nursing home’s owner and employees may be liable for a nursing home patient’s injuries based on a variety of negligence-based actions or omissions. If the patient is not properly supervised and is harmed as a result of such deficiency, negligence may attach to the nursing home and its personnel. If a nursing home fails to keep its facility in safe, working order, and a patient is harmed due to structural or building-based inferiorities in the building, negligence may also attach.

Negligence is not the only way that a patient may be harmed at a nursing home. A patient may fail to receive the care and treatment he contracted for when he agreed to become a patient or resident of his care facility. When nursing homes do not fulfill the terms to which they agreed when they entered into contracts with their residents and patients, those victims can sometimes pursue breach of contract actions against the liable facilities.

In extreme cases of nursing home abuse or neglect, criminal acts of violence may occur, and the proper authorities would need to be included in investigations of such allegations. However, personal injury attorneys are equipped to discuss with their clients civil actions that may be available to them based on the facts and circumstances of the nursing home abuse or neglect that left them with damages.