Many forms of negligence can cause car accidents

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A motor vehicle accident can occur almost instantly. In one moment a Chicago driver may be traveling down the road without any apparent obstacles in his path, and in the next he may be experiencing the violent crash of his automobile into that of another vehicle. The main reason that car accidents occur is negligence, and this post will explore some of the ways that drivers can exhibit negligence and cause harm to others.

To begin, readers should have a basic understanding of what negligence really represents. Generally, a person is potentially being negligent if he does not use reasonableness in his actions. If, given the circumstances of his surroundings a reasonable person would not conduct himself in such a way, the acting party may be considered negligent.

There are many ways that drivers can be negligent. One very obvious way is to drive a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of other substances. Alcohol and drugs can dull a driver’s reflexes and inhibit his discretion, which are two very important capacities reasonable drivers should have when they travel on Chicago highways and roads.

Additionally, drivers can be negligent when they make apparently small errors or omissions while driving. Forgetting to use a turn signal or blowing through a stop sign may not seem terribly dangerous, but traffic laws give other people on the roads an expectation of how other drivers will conduct themselves. When drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, their conduct may be considered negligent.

These are only a few of the ways that drivers can exhibit negligence and this post should not be used as legal advice or form the basis of any personal injury-based litigation. Attorneys throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area can help their clients prepare lawsuits to seek damages against the negligent drivers who caused their harm through car accidents.


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