Bed sores may be staged based on their severity

Bed sores can result from prolonged pressure placed on a small area of a person’s body. Chicago residents who are unable to move on their own and who spend long periods of time sitting or in bed can develop these painful and sometimes dangerous wounds. Just as any abrasion may be mild or severe, a bed sore may start out as a minor affliction but develop into a serious medical condition. As a bed sore changes from slight to significant, it may receive a different stage classification.

A stage 1 bed sore does not involve an open wound. It may look like a bruise or discoloration on a person’s skin and present the patient with some pain. If it progresses to a stage 2 bed sore, its closed appearance will change into an open blister, scrape or abrasion.

At stage 3, bed sores impact deeper tissue. The sores may appear deeper and may even present fat in the wounds.

Once a bed sore reaches stage 4, it had gotten so deep that muscle, bone and deeper tissue may be visible and impacted.

Many individuals who suffer from later stage bed sores do not experience much pain due to the extensive damage they have endured. They can, however, be susceptible to dangerous infections in their bones or blood. Serious infections can lead to death if they are left untreated.

Bed sores and related pressure wounds can occur when patients suffer neglect and other forms of nursing home negligence. Those patients are dependent on their care givers to move them to prevent these and other serious medical problems and when those care givers fail in their duties, innocent parties often suffer harm. Personal injury attorneys can provide victims of nursing home negligence with more information about litigation based on bed sores and other injuries.


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