Make your recovery a priority after an injury accident

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Minor car accidents and slips and falls are common occurrences in the lives of Chicago residents. Many times these events cause bumps and bruises that most people brush off and deal with on their own. However, in some instances, minor personal injury-causing events can result in serious injuries.

A sore neck after a car collision may get worse, if untreated, as time passes after the crash. A swollen ankle or knee that sustained trauma in a fall may develop into a more complicated medical condition if it is not properly fixed. It is important for individuals who are in all forms of accidents, from major crashes to minor spills, to have their health and wellness evaluated in the wakes of their ordeals.

When an injury accident is caused by the negligence or recklessness of another party, a victim often has rights to pursue compensation for his losses from the individual or individuals who caused the harm. A victim’s hospital and associated medical bills may be included as damages in a personal injury lawsuit based on the injury accident that gave rise to the victim’s need for treatment. Other losses, such as lost pay due to missing work and intangible losses associated to pain and suffering, may also be sought out in a personal injury claim.

The longer a person waits after an accident the more difficult it can be for him to prove that his suffering resulted from a distant accident or fall. For this reason it is important to seek medical treatment for even the minor aches and pains that may occur after an injury accident. Then, that victim may choose to consult with the law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish to discuss his legal options for pursuing his accident-related damages.


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