A holiday car accident can leave you with a lifetime of suffering

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Summer is a season of festivities. From Memorial Day to Labor Day and with the Fourth of July right in between, Chicago residents often barely finish planning one holiday party before the next cookout or get-together is coming up on the calendar. For many, alcohol is a part of enjoying time with friends and family. When alcohol combines with driving home from celebrations, car accidents can result.

The victim of a holiday season car accident may never see his collision coming. He may be struck in an intersection when opposing traffic should have stopped; or he may be run off of the road by a negligent or drunk driver. He may never know what is coming until his car has been struck and he is suddenly suffering the mental and physical pain of enduring a violent automobile crash.

A car accident can take but a moment to happen, but can take a heavy toll on the rest of a victim’s life. Serious injuries, such as brain and spinal cord damage, can force a victim to relearn basic life skills and even change the way he has to live his everyday life. Even less serious injuries like broken bones and bruises can leave a victim with weeks to months of pain and suffering.

The law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish recognizes that a split-second event like a holiday car accident can leave a victim with a lifetime of distress. Our attorneys work with people who have been victimized by other drivers and we fight for our clients’ rights to the recovery of their accident-related damages.

Even after a victim’s wounds have healed, he may still suffer from the repercussions a car accident. Our attorneys can help car accident victims pursue compensation for the losses that they have endured at the hands of other drivers.


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