Don’t wait to get legal and medical help after a car accident

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Last week’s blog post looked at one of the most common health problems a Chicago resident can face following a car accident: whiplash. Whiplash is just one of many ailments a person may endure when he is in a collision. From broken bones and painful bruises to damaged organs and brain injuries, the range of injuries a person may experience in an auto accident can be vast.

After an accident, it is not uncommon for a victim to want to get his bearings and sort out the damages that he has sustained to his personal property. He may shrug off the soreness and pain that affects his body in the days after an accident as he works with insurance companies to repair his vehicle. However, before he realizes it, the soreness and pain that resulted from his accident may morph into a more serious and debilitating medical condition.

Seeking prompt medical attention for any car accident-related injuries is important for a person’s health as well as protecting his legal rights. The longer a person waits to see a doctor after an accident, the more difficult it can be for him to prove that his personal injuries were caused by the fault of another driver. In many personal injury cases, a victim must show that his harm was caused by the actions or inactions of another; doing so can be challenging in car accident cases when weeks or even months of time lapse between an accident and a victim’s first doctor’s visit.

After seeking medical help, car accident victims can start the process of pursuing their accident-related damages by investigating private civil claims based on personal injury. The attorneys at the law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish can help you sort out your claims and prepare pleadings that accurately reflect the factual circumstances of your injury accidents. There is no reason to wait to take care of your body or your legal rights following a car collision. In some cases doing so can even make it more difficult for you to seek out car accident damages.


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