Why do crane accidents cause so many construction injuries?

Before a new building is finished, Chicago residents often see a massive crane looming over the construction project. On its own a crane is an impressive structure. Tall and strong, sturdy and precise, cranes help lift large materials up into the air as building projects grow higher and higher off of the ground.

As elevations increase, however, so too do the occurrences of crane-related construction injuries. Crane operators and those who work with them on construction projects can be at risk of injury and death when problems occur with cranes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides data on crane and hoist safety that describes why cranes can be dangerous pieces of construction equipment.

According to OSHA, several high profile crane collapses brought attention to crane dangers in the decades before the turn of the century. In one collapse, two individuals were killed in San Francisco, California, and in the other, three were killed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crane maintenance and care can play a large role in whether such a massive structure will stay stable while performing work at construction sites.

Aside from collapses, the operation of a crane can create many unsafe situations. Cranes can drop their heavy loads and put people below them at risk. They can also touch power lines and create electrical dangers for those who are close to the machines.

Whenever a construction project is underway, construction injuries can result. A crane accident can put a construction worker and an average citizen at risk for serious injuries as well as death. Cranes are not the only pieces of construction equipment that can cause individuals harm, and people who have been hurt in construction accidents may seek their own counsel on how to pursue their construction accident losses.


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