What happens when someone suffers a spinal cord injury?

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Any number of personal injuries can result when a Chicago resident is involved in an automobile-based accident. From seatbelt and steering wheel bruises to broken bones and concussions, the range of physical damages that can occur from such an event can vary greatly. One area of injury that is often very severe is when damage occurs to a victim’s spinal cord. The spinal cord runs from a person’s brain and down the person’s back, connecting brain impulses to the rest of the corpus through the central nervous system.

The spinal cord is protected by bones called vertebrae. When a person’s vertebrae are damaged or break, the spinal cord can become damaged as well. In serious accidents a victim’s spinal cord may become severed, ultimately cutting off contact from the victim’s brain to his body and causing paralysis, organ failure and, in some cases, death.

While treatment options do exist for individuals with certain spinal cord injuries, medical research is still looking for better ways to serve individuals who suffer from these potentially life-threatening conditions. A spinal cord injury can alter the way people live their life so significantly that they may have to rely on others in order to accomplish the tasks they were able to do on their own prior the accident.

Anyone who has suffered a spinal cord injury understands how debilitating the injury can be to one’s health and happiness. For those individuals whose harm was caused by the fault of others, help may be available. Spinal cord injuries and other personal injury claims may be compensable under negligence-based theories of law. Attorneys who work in the personal injury field of law — and not this blog post — can advise their clients on the possible claims they may have for damages against the parties who caused their spinal cord problems.


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