My Illinois loved one died in a car accident. Do I have rights?

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One of the most excruciating experiences that a Chicago resident may have is the loss of a loved one from an avoidable car accident. Car accidents that occur because of the mistakes of others can cause serious injuries and death for innocent victims. Often the pain and suffering that occurs after a car accident extends far beyond that experienced by the direct victims and reaches out to those who loved and lost individuals killed in the crashes.

When a person loses a loved one in a car accident he may not know what he can do. He may be filled with emotions and uncertain of what rights and responsibilities he has with regard to seeking compensation from the negligent party or parties. With regard to car accidents that result in losses of life, some relatives of deceased victims may have the right to sue under the wrongful death theory of law.

Wrongful death is based on personal injury law. It recognizes that when a person dies as a result of the negligence or recklessness of others, that victim’s loved ones may be left paying for the decedent’s medical bills, funeral costs and other accident-related damages. Wrongful death provides those who suffer indirect losses with a method of obtaining their rightful compensation.

Not all people who lose loved ones in car accidents are eligible for wrongful death lawsuits against presumed negligent drivers. Those who wish to learn more about their rights may seek the counsel of attorneys who work in the personal injury field of law. Those who read this personal injury law blog should recognize that the information contained herein is intended to provide a general overview of the topic of wrongful death and not specific guidance on individual personal injury cases.


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