Construction injuries keep workers away from their jobs

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Little children (and some grown-ups too) enjoy watching new construction sites pop up all over the Chicago metropolitan area. Whether the sites will be home to new high rises, businesses or single family homes, construction sites bring with them exciting tools and machinery needed to erect large structures. While working with such powerful items may look fun and exciting to some, those tools do not always show their true and sometimes deadly dangers to those who must handle them.

Many construction site accidents occur when problems happen in the use of tools or machines. Those problems can be based on the maintenance of the equipment or their use. When equipment is not maintained in its safest working order, workers can suffer construction injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. When construction workers are not properly trained to use large machinery such as front-loaders and forklifts, dangerous construction site conditions can arise very quickly for the workers operating the machines as well as those working in their vicinities.

The attorneys of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish understand that construction site accidents do happen, but in some cases those accidents are not the fault of the workers who experience the harm. Failures to properly maintain equipment and train staff at construction sites can result in liability falling on the entities that employed the workers to perform construction duties. Construction companies can be held accountable for the harm they cause when they fail to provide safety measures for those workers under their employment and care.

Each year too many construction workers are hurt and killed in work-related accidents. Construction injuries can prevent a worker from making a living and contributing to the welfare of his family. If you have been hurt in a construction site accident, you may have rights to compensation for your damages. Please visit the firm’s website to learn more about construction injuries.


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