Personal injury can occur from a variety of circumstances

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According to the American Bar Association’s Division for Public Education, personal injury law can help a person who is injured by the acts or omissions of another individual. All across the Chicago metropolitan area situations arise where one person’s actions or failure to act result in harm falling on someone else. Although personal injuries can arise from many different events, the ABA identifies three major areas where accidental injuries can occur.

First, personal injury can result when someone is negligent. Being negligent generally means not acting with the standard of care a reasonable person would exercise given the circumstances of the situation. Negligence can mean doing something that directly harms another or failing to take a precaution that ends with a separate party sustaining injuries. Cases based on slip and fall accidents and car accidents are generally the result of negligence.

Second, personal injury cases can arise from medical malpractice. Medical malpractice relates specifically to the field of medicine and has to do with whether a medical professional exercised the proper standard of care given the person’s training and expertise in the field of medicine. When a doctor fails to properly diagnose a patient, makes a mistake during surgery or treats a patient with the wrong medications, medical malpractice cases can result.

Finally, litigation arising from personal injuries can be based on product liability claims. These claims involve injuries occurring from defective or dangerous products. If a product causes someone harm because it is defective in its design or manufacturing, or if it fails to properly warn a person of its safe use, it could be used as the basis for a product liability claim.

These three categories of personal injury law are not exhaustive of all types of claims. Whether a person suffers a minor wound or catastrophic injuries the person’s damages may be legally compensable. Those who think that they may have cause to sue the parties responsible for their injuries may choose to work with attorneys to learn more about their particular cases.


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