How nursing home negligence can lead to bed sores

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Individuals all across Chicago have had to make the difficult decision to put themselves or loved ones into nursing homes. In many situations a loved one is moved into such a facility when his or her family members can no longer personally manage the medical and day-to-day responsibilities of keeping them safe and healthy. Nursing homes, which are held to licensing standards of care that mandate certain levels of resident interaction and support, can provide trustworthy sources of support for those in need.

While many nursing homes exceed the expectations of their licensing boards, others fail significantly when it comes to patient and resident care. Individuals living in nursing homes have suffered serious injuries from falls, errors in the administration of their medications and other hardships as a result of poor nursing home management. One major problem for residents of nursing homes is bed sores.

The Mayo Clinic describes the three main causes of bed sores, which are also known as pressure sores. Bed sores can develop when a person remains in the same position for too long and has insufficient padding or support. They often occur when immobile nursing home residents are left alone without supervision and not moved for extended periods of time.

Sores can also form from two different types of movement. Bed sores can develop when skin is dragged across a stationary surface, resulting in a friction sore. They can also occur when skin is sheared against another surface that is moving in the opposite direction. Nursing home residents can suffer these types of sores when they are improperly moved from their beds, wheelchairs and others pieces of furniture.

Bed sores can lead to the development of wounds and can manifest into serious infections. Infections can be devastating to the health of a person who already requires significant medical care simply to get through the day. While the information contained in this post should not be taken as specific medical or legal advice, it is intended to provide readers with a general overview of how nursing home negligence can contribute to the development of serious medical problems for their residents.


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