Coping with misdiagnosis after medical malpractice

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For Chicago residents, medical uncertainty can breed confusion and fear. Health problems that develop unexpectedly or that exhibit disturbing symptoms can cause otherwise healthy people to feel miserable until they can meet with their doctors. In many situations a person’s greatest fears are allayed when his practitioner explains a common reason for a concerning ailment.

This is not always the result, however. There are situations when patients do realize their greatest health fears and must cope with aggressive treatments that affect their energy and wellbeing. There are even more egregious situations that occur when doctors fail to fully explore the causes of their patients’ symptoms and serious medical conditions go undiagnosed.

A doctor’s failure to diagnose a serious condition like cancer or heart disease can have immediate and deadly affects on those suffering patients. In some cases serious medical conditions can be fought and remedied with timely treatment, but delays in diagnoses and misdiagnoses can push back treatment protocols due to doctors’ negligence. Malpractice of this form hurts those suffering from illnesses and injuries as well as the loved ones who must support them through their medical ordeals.

While it is expected that people will from time to time make mistakes, doctors are held to high standards that impose accountability on their professional actions. When they make errors, they are investigated by a board of their peers and evaluated to determine if they should remain licensed to practice. Those doctors can also be held accountable in courts of law for the damages they cause their patients and patients’ families.

Medical malpractice happens more often than people might realize and can have dire consequences. A misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose can leave a person believing that he is healthy when in fact his condition could be significantly impaired. The law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish understands the difficulties that victims of medical malpractice can face and provides useful information on the subject on its medical malpractice website.


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