Chicago student becomes victim of deadly car accident

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Living in a busy city like Chicago can make any pedestrian feel both nervous about crossing traffic and courageous about asserting his right of way in a crosswalk. Most pedestrians move as quickly as they can to get out of the way of vehicles but feel a little safer once they reach the opposite sidewalk. Though sidewalks are usually free from encounters with cars sometimes accidents do cause tragic events to occur on them.

A University of Illinois student from Chicago was killed while walking on a sidewalk on the college’s campus. The victim and another student were hit by a truck driven by a 58-year-old man who allegedly drove up on the sidewalk several times and hit traffic signs and another car before striking the two victims. Witnesses to the accident state that one of the victims was pushed under the truck and the other went over the vehicle.

Rescue workers attempted to resuscitate the deceased victim at the scene of the accident but she was pronounced dead a little while later at the hospital. The second victim is expected to survive the incident.

Police are undertaking an investigation into this incident and the driver who hit the two victims has submitted blood and urine samples that may reveal if he was under the influence of any substances at the time of the crash. He may face additional charges if investigators determine he was driving in a dangerous or altered state.

This car accident is truly tragic as the young woman who lost her life was in every sense of the word a victim. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and now her family will have to undertake the horrible experience of burying her. The family has suffered immensely, as has the surviving victim of the incident. Both the family of the deceased student and the injured victim may consider their legal rights against the responsible driver to seek compensation for their losses and recoup their damages.


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