Young Chicago driver killed in car accident

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Besides the victim, many different people are often affected by a car accident. The family often suffers greatly, even when a victim does not die. Sometimes, an accident puts an entire community into a state of shock and grief.

Recently, a Chicago girl was killed when the car she was driving collided with an oncoming vehicle. She was 16 years old. The girl was the second car accident victim at her high school this year. The cause of the accident remains unclear as the accident is still under investigation.

After this most recent accident, many of the students at the high school have commented how they are aware that they must use caution when on the road. The incident also may have reminded students not to drive while distracted.

Young people out on the road can present a potential hazard. Young drivers are inexperienced. They are not equipped to handle high-pressure situations with the same amount of skill as a more experienced driver. Young drivers are also more prone to distractions from the radio, cell phones and other kids in the car.

Young drivers must be aware of these potential hazards and must do their best to avoid them. Several states have passed bans on teens using cell phones while driving or having teen passengers in the car. Teens must be aware of the risks involved in driving and must use caution.

Nevertheless, not all accidents involving teenage drivers are necessarily the teen’s fault. In this case, if the ongoing accident investigation shows that the other driver was negligent, then the loved ones of this budding adult may be able to get compensation for their loss in a wrongful death cause of action.


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