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Are you at risk for further injury in a hospital?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

A hospital provides medical care when you need it most. If you feel worse instead of better while undergoing treatment, could the hospital face blame?

Medical malpractice cases do not just arise at medical practices but often inside the hospital. Negligence can come in many shapes and forms, especially inside a hospital with many moving parts. Discover some of the most common malpractice claims that may stem from a hospital visit.

Can you receive the wrong treatment?

When you enter a hospital, the staff and providers begin a chart documenting every aspect of your illness and treatment. You may get the wrong type of care if someone fails to update a chart or records information incorrectly. Medication mistakes often arise out of a charting error that gives you the wrong drugs, too much or too little.

Did you start having additional symptoms?

Hospitals host a variety of illnesses, so it is not surprising that cross-contamination may occur. If you go into the hospital for one thing but wind up coming down with an infection, the staff may have inadvertently exposed you. MRSA is a dangerous infection that can transmit easily in hospitals if proper cleaning procedures do not occur.

Is there enough staff?

Hospitals have not escaped the widespread short-staffing issue. This may lead to providers suffering from extreme exhaustion and burnout in the medical field. Even though hospitals try to implement policies against nurses and doctors from working around the clock, they may not always have a choice. Mistakes are more likely to happen in these conditions.

Medical malpractice is more than just a mistake. Negligence means that the outcome was avoidable had a reckless act not occurred.