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How can distractions during surgery lead to serious errors?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

No matter what kind of surgery a person needs, they may start to feel physically worse in the time after they leave the hospital.

Various kinds of surgical errors are far more common than people may think and they can happen when a medical professional does not pay attention.

Noises and conversations

According to the National Library of Medicine, most rooms require a certain level of quietness in order for the surgeons to concentrate. If someone interrupts and tries to start an irrelevant conversation, this could take the surgeon’s mind off of the details of the medical procedure in front of them.

Sharp and sudden noises can startle a surgeon and potentially lead to a serious mistake. Cell phones and yelling can not only scare and confuse others but can also interfere with important conversations at critical points in the surgery.

Rushed actions

When a medical professional is behind schedule, their mind may be full of distracting thoughts that take their concentration away from the surgery in front of them.

They may forget to count the proper number of surgical items and leave one behind inside a person’s abdominal area after the procedure finishes. Checking and counting all items and equipment used during this time is important.

Ignored instructions

Before the surgery starts, many professionals make note of what procedure and what areas they need to operate on. If the surgeon is too distracted to properly check, then they could even potentially amputate the wrong limb.

Knowing why distractions are so serious can help you if you are suffering from medical malpractice.