How can prescription errors happen when a doctor is distracted?

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Dealing with the aftermath of a prescription error can feel frustrating and tiring. These mistakes can often happen because your doctor or medical professional incorrectly assumed a fact about you while you were at an appointment.

Errors could also happen when a doctor constantly deals with other people or interruptions. Distractions are a serious concern, so knowing why they are harmful can help you if you are suffering from medical malpractice after a prescription error.

Forgetting to check for adverse reactions

According to the National Library of Medicine, one major part of prescribing a new drug is testing for or making sure that it will not interfere with your other prescriptions. A doctor who is rushing to finish a talk with a patient may forget to check their medical history for potential health issues.

The effects of this error may not become obvious immediately after you take the first dosage. There could be long-term health problems that you only notice months later.

Not checking the dosage

A mistake can also happen if your doctor prescribes you too much of a certain kind of drug or not enough of a dosage. Writing down the wrong number or forgetting to verbally tell you how much you need to take can confuse you.

Misunderstanding important questions

Doctors who are more focused on the staff around them and less on what you are saying can also mistakenly give you the wrong answers to your questions.

The lack of communication in the doctor’s office or less opportunity to voice your concerns can lead to malpractice if your doctor gives you the wrong prescription.


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