Why are motorcycles at risk for dangerous accidents on highways?

Although you may have a fun time out on the road, when you are on a motorcycle there are countless ways that dangers can lead to an accident.

Learning about the specific factors that put motorcyclists more at risk than people in cars or trucks can help you after a crash.

Items and debris

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large items like pieces of wood and sheet metal lying on the road can catch on your wheels as you drive by and cause you to crash. This can be even more dangerous when another vehicle accidentally drops these items on the road in front of you without warning.

Since motorcycles have less tire traction, they can easily become unstable when something causes their wheels to stop quickly.

Liquid and rain

Spills from other vehicles and puddles of water on parts of the road can make it hard to turn or brake suddenly. What may not lead to an accident for a car or truck can affect you in a more severe way. You may notice your motorcycle skidding more or failing to slow down properly.

Surrounding vehicles

When drivers in larger vehicles are inattentive or distracted by phones or other devices, they can neglect to check the road around them. This can lead to them bumping your motorcycle from behind and causing you to fall off.

Some cars parked on the streets may even open their doors into your motorcycle if the driver forgets to check for oncoming traffic. This kind of unawareness of motorcycles and smaller vehicles can leave you at risk whenever you get on the road.


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