Where are the intersections with high accident rates in Chicago?

One of the most dangerous places on roadways is intersections. Whenever one vehicle must pass into the same space as another, which is what happens at intersections, it increases the potential for accidents.

The Chicago area has countless intersections, but some are more dangerous than others, according to the Chicago Journal.

Worst intersection

You will find the most dangerous intersection at East 79th Street and South Stony Island Avenue. It gets this designation for multiple reasons. For starters, it had more accidents than any other intersection from 2018 to 2020.

What makes it so dangerous and more prone to accidents is that it has overlapping traffic flow. It also has three bus routes that run on it, and there is not a lot of space for people to react. There are also no special bike lanes or other accommodations for pedestrians.

Other intersections to watch

Beyond the intersection of East 79th Street and South Stony Island Avenue, you want to also watch out for where Stoney Island Avenue meets East 9th Street. Intersections along West Garfield Boulevard are also dangerous. Almost any place where this road meets another is worth increasing your alertness and being cautious.

Keep in mind that any intersection that is busy and has a lot of traffic will have an increased risk for accidents. In addition, bad weather will make even the safest intersections potentially dangerous, so a good rule of thumb is to treat all intersections as hazardous.

By knowing about intersections that see high accident numbers, you can drive more safely. You can avoid them, or if that is not possible, you can at least pay more attention when in these areas to avoid the potential for an accident.


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