Who is responsible for medical malpractice?

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A variety of different parties may be responsible for medical malpractice. It is important for victims of medical malpractice to know who these parties are and how a medical malpractice claim for damages may be able to help them.

To begin with, medical care professionals including doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and other medical care providers may all be liable if they provide medical care and treatment that falls below the standard of care and injures the patient. Secondly, hospitals may be liable for the negligent care and treatment their patients receive. Hospitals may be liable for negligent hiring of employees; negligent retention of staff; poorly or inadequately trained staff; or harm that results from understaffing.

In addition, when a hospital fails to property maintain medical equipment, or safely secure the facility, and a patient is injured or otherwise harmed, the hospital may be liable for the damage caused. There are a variety of different forms of medical malpractice and pharmaceutical companies may also be liable. When victims are not properly warned of the potential side effects of a pharmaceutical drug, the pharmaceutical company may be liable for the harm suffered by the victim.

A medical malpractice claim for damages can help injured victims recover compensation for their damages including physical, financial and emotional damages. Because medical malpractice typically involves an element of trust that has been broken, it is important for injured victims to be familiar with the legal protections available to them and who may be held accountable for the harm they have suffered.


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