Safety rules drivers should follow to avoid bicycle accidents

It is now getting warmer in Chicago and summer is here. This means that many more people will want to be outside to enjoy it. More people walking around and also many more people riding their bikes throughout the city. Riding a bicycle be an enjoyable way to enjoy the nice weather or simply get to people’s destination, but it also means that cars need to be aware that they are there and take certain precautions to prevent bicycle accidents.

One the of the most important things drivers can do to prevent these accidents is simply be aware of their surroundings and remember to look for people riding bicycles. This means vehicles need to yield to bicyclists as they would any other vehicle on the road. Double check before making right hand turns on red lights as bicyclists are generally on the far right of the road and could come up behind. Also, drivers should obey the speed limits and give bicyclists plenty of room when passing them. When parking a car on the street or getting out of a vehicle, drivers need to remember to take an extra look for bicyclists as well.

When drivers do not follow the above-stated safety tips, they could cause an accident causing serious injuries to the bicyclists. As bicyclists have very little protection between them and the road, even what seems to be a minor accident can cause significant injuries. These injuries could also completely change the bicyclist’s life and be very costly both physically and financially.

There are many bicycle accidents each year in Chicago, many of which could have been avoided. The accidents can force the victim to incur significant medical bills and lose income as well. They may be entitled to compensation though if the driver of a vehicle caused the accident. The compensation will not heal the injuries, but is still very valuable as people recover from their injuries. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating bicycle accidents can be and may be able to help.


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