Cyrpto Outbreak Prevention Needed in Swimming Pools and Water Playgrounds

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As Chicagoans prepare to head to pools and outdoor water playgrounds this summer, park, and pool owners need to take steps to prevent outbreaks of crypto. Since 2014, outbreaks of this parasitic disease have doubled, leaving victims seriously ill. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has targeted its focus on preventing the outbreaks from happening. A personal injury lawyer may help clients who have contracted crypto from public parks or pools to recover damages for any losses that they suffered.

What Is Crypto?

Crypto is an illness caused by a parasite that is called cryptosporidium. This parasite is spread in pools when people swallow water that contains tiny particles of feces. When people contract it, they may suffer severe diarrhea, become severely dehydrated, experience nausea and vomiting. Some victims also suffer from inflammation of their liver, pancreas and gall bladder. The symptoms may last for two weeks or more. Victims who have compromised immune systems or who have had transplants may suffer life-threatening complications and may develop wasting.

Crypto Statistics and Prevention

The CDC reports that there were 32 crypto outbreaks in 2016. By comparison, 14 outbreaks were reported in 2014. One of the problems with Cryptosporidium is that it is very difficult to kill. Normal chlorine levels in pools are not enough to kill this parasite. The CDC recommends that pools that have experienced an outbreak or if a person has a diarrhea incident while visiting the pool should close and treat the pool with hyperchlorination. Chicagoans should avoid swimming if they are suffering from diarrhea, and they should not let their children go to the pool if their children are dealing with diarrhea. This can help to prevent spreading the infection to others.

Pool and water amusement park operators should institute regular cleaning routines and warn their visitors about the potential for crypto outbreaks if they swim while having diarrhea. Before entering the pool, parents and children should rinse off in the shower to remove any bacteria that might be located on their bodies so that they do not accidentally contaminate the water. Finally, if a person learns that he or she has contracted crypto-related diarrhea, the person should not go swimming for at least two weeks after the symptoms have subsided. A personal injury lawyer might advise Illinois residents about the potential of filing premises liability claims if poor pool maintenance resulted in the crypto outbreak.


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