Gruesome Mistakes Underscore Necessity of Medical Malpractice Litigation

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OperatingRoom-300x200.jpgThe need for medical malpractice litigation is evident when medical care goes wrong and the hospital or physician at fault refuse to properly compensate the victim. The standard of care may vary depending on the location of the hospital and the experience of the staff. Cases involving negligent medical care or medical mistakes can be addressed by Chicago malpractice lawyers to protect the rights of the patient.

Dana Carvey Has the Wrong Artery Bypassed

Dana Carvey, an actor featured on Saturday Night Live and in films, underwent a double bypass surgery. Months after the surgery, the surgeon revealed that the wrong artery had been bypassed. The doctor protested that the mistake was due to the unusual placement of the artery in Carvey’s heart. Dana Carvey disagreed and filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the doctor and the hospital.

Surgeons Operated on the Wrong Side of the Head

Three surgeries were done on the wrong side of patients’ heads in one calendar year at a Rhode Island hospital. One incident involved an 82-year-old woman. The surgeon was attempting to stop bleeding from the brain to the skull. The wrong side of the victim’s head was drilled, despite the CAT scan that showed the bleeding was coming from the other side of the skull. The woman survived the incident in fair condition.

DNA Mixed Up at Fertility Clinic

Couples who have difficulty conceiving turn to fertility clinics to help fulfill their dreams of having children. A woman was accidentally impregnated with the sperm of a stranger, rather than that of her husband. The resulting child was biracial and not biologically related to the spouse. The couple kept the child as their own, but they have filed suit against the clinic and the embryologist involved.

Man Remains Aware During Surgery

A minister from West Virginia suffered from anesthetic awareness during surgery. The patient was not given the anesthetic that would make him unconscious. He was able to feel the pain of the abdominal procedure. The victim was not told that he had not been properly anesthetized, so he wasn’t sure if the memories of pain were real. He committed suicide two weeks after the surgery, leaving his family behind.

Male Bodybuilder Given C-cup Breast Implants

A male bodybuilder who was once the runner-up for Mr. Universe wanted to have pectoral implants surgically added to his body. Instead of pec implants, he was given C-cup breast implants. He required surgery to remove the incorrect implants, resulting in more pain and expense.


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