Celebrity suffers personal injury at restaurant

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Chicago residents may be familiar with actress Tori Spelling from her years on television dramas and more recently on reality programming. She has lived much of her life in front of the camera and has had many major events in her life documented by the press. Just recently, Spelling was involved in an injury-causing incident at a restaurant and media outlets quickly picked up on the story.

According to reports, Spelling was eating with friends and family at a Benihana restaurant when the accident occurred. Spelling allegedly fell onto a hibachi grill and suffered serious injuries to her arm. The grill seriously burned her skin and the actress underwent skin grafts to treat the injury.

She may file a claim against the restaurant for her damages, and whether she is successful will likely depend on the facts of her particular case. In personal injury cases, a party must first owe a duty to the person’s guest or invitee before the person can be charged with failing to meet a requisite standard of care. If a party owed another a duty and that second party was injured, a court may look at whether the duty-owing party acted reasonably given the circumstances of the situation.

Spelling’s potential lawsuit could fall into a number of tort categories should she choose to seek compensation for the damages she suffered in the accident. Personal injury accidents such as this one are not uncommon, and often parties may not know if they have rights to pursue civil claims based on the suffering they sustained.

Getting answers to these inquiries can be important to a person recovering from a personal injury accident.

Source: New York Daily News, “Tori Spelling healing after getting burned at Japanese restaurant in California,” Jeanette Settembre, April 13, 2015


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