What are my rights if I don’t know who caused my car accident?

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When Chicago residents are involved in car accidents, many follow the appropriate protocols regarding how to manage the aftermaths of their crashes. They stop their vehicles and check themselves and others for injuries. Then they examine their vehicles, noting any damages. They exchange their contact and insurance information with the other parties involved in the crashes and then they begin the processes of having their property repaired.

But what happens if two cars get into an accident and one of them drives away? This type of accident is called a hit and run accident, indicating that one vehicle hits another and then drives off without stopping to offer aid or information. Hit and run accidents raise questions regarding civil and criminal liability and can cause responsible drivers a lot of legal problems.

Victims of hit and run accidents, however, are often left wondering how to proceed if they do not know who caused their damages. According to the Illinois Department of Insurance, all drivers regardless of whether they were in hit and run accidents or regular accidents should proceed with collecting as much information as possible and contacting authorities to report their incidents. Individuals who do not report their hit and run car accidents to the police may later have their automobile insurance claims denied.

While police investigate crashes and look for hit and run drivers, victims of such accidents can begin to examine their legal rights regarding the recovery of their accident-related damages. Many drivers in just such situations work with attorneys who practice personal injury law. While there is no guarantee that a hit and run driver will be located, victims of hit and run car collisions can protect their rights to later recovery by taking a proactive approach to managing their accidents.


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