Workplace Injury Lawyers

An injury on the job subjects you to stress on many levels. In addition to dealing with the injury itself, you have bills to pay, have lost income, and may be uncertain about what to do next.

At Steinberg Goodman & Kalish, in Chicago, we understand how difficult these challenges can be. Our attorneys have the experience in workplace injury cases to help you pursue appropriate compensation. We encourage you to get in touch today to discuss your specific situation.

When Can You Get More Than Workers' Comp for a Work Injury?

The general rule for employees is, of course, compensation for an injury on the job is to come through the workers' comp system. There is, however, a significant exception to the general rule for a type of case called a third-party claim.

In a third-party claim, you can seek to recover personal injury damages from a party other than your employer who caused your injury.

For example, let's say you are a driver for UPS and were in a car crash while making a delivery. Your claim against UPS would be for workers' comp. But you may also have a third-party claim against others who were responsible for the accident.

We can help identify the responsible party and take action accordingly to assert your rights. Our Chicago work injury attorneys have the knowledge of insurance issues and practical experience to guide you toward a plan for moving forward that makes sense for you.

If the workplace accident was fatal, we can explain to you what the legal procedure is for seeking compensation for loss of a close relative.

Take Action to Assert Your Rights and Reduce Stress

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