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Hotels, shopping malls and other businesses may be responsible when their guests are injured by assault, robbery or other types of crime. The lawyers of Steinberg Goodman & Kalish in Chicago are experienced in holding property owners accountable when their negligence causes you to be injured by a third party.

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Assault Injuries and Commercial Properties

Businesses, such as shopping malls, apartments, hotels and stores, have a duty to protect guests from dangers that are foreseeable. This may include taking reasonable steps to protect guests from being assaulted by third parties, especially when they have had prior notice of the risk of injury. Examples of measures that property owners can take to protect guests include:

  • Hire security guards or ask police for increased patrols
  • Install working locks on doors and windows
  • Install appropriate lighting to deter criminals
  • Install security cameras in parking garages and other areas where people may be victimized
  • Trim vegetation where criminals may hide

When safety measures go overlooked, serious injuries, such as rape, robbery or other assaults, can occur. Our lawyers have helped many people in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois obtain fair compensation for injuries suffered as a result of property owner negligence.

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