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  • $4,300,000 – Medical Malpractice
  • $4,100,000 - Construction
  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $5,860,000 Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death
  • $1,800,000 - Product Liability
  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $7,500,000 - Premises Liability

Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

Family claims mistakes during appendectomy injured son

Despite the fact that some minors exercise sound judgment and discretion, most people under the age of 18 years are legally under the control of their parents or guardians. Since children generally are not considered capable of entering into contracts, they must use the assistance of their parents to hire attorneys and to pursue litigation when they suffer harm at the hands of others. A Chicago-area child and his father are engaged in just this scenario as they seek compensation for injuries the child apparently suffered during a bad surgical procedure.

Motor vehicle accidents can cause long-term brain injuries

Any brain injury has the potential to be serious. When Chicago residents are in motor vehicle accidents there are many opportunities for them to do damage to their heads and to their brains. The impact of a car collision can force a driver or passenger to hit his head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or door of the vehicle in which the victim travels.

When a person suffers a brain injury, medical treatment is often required. A brain injury can be classified as mild, and mild brain injuries can have relatively few or minor side effects. A brain injury can also be classified as moderate or serious, with the related side effects and damages increasing in severity.

What personal injury accidents are common in offices?

Last week this Chicago personal injury law blog discussed how falls at construction sites can cause serious injuries to construction workers. However, falls are a common way that other types of workers suffer harm as well. In office settings, falls are just one way that individuals can be involved in accident injury incidents.

According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University, office workers suffer injurious falls in a number of ways. Some workers trip over drawers and other office furniture while others use inappropriate devices, such as chairs instead of ladders, to reach high items. Most falls can be prevented and employees should be instructed as to how to safely operate in their office environments.

Are falls a common form of construction accident?

In 2013, more than one-third of all construction-related deaths involved falls from higher ground to lower levels. In Chicago, construction workers are subject to fall dangers every day when they climb up onto buildings' roofs, scaffolding structures, and even just up onto ladders. Even a fall from a relatively low height can be deadly, and the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration has offered a straightforward way of reducing the number of preventable and deadly falls that occur at American construction sites.

First, OSHA suggests that employers make a plan for how they will handle fall safety with their workers. This can be challenging when workers are on different shifts or communicate in languages other than the language of the company. The agency has documents that it can distribute to construction companies to help them facilitate the discussion.

Distractions may lead to devastating doctor errors

Many people who live in the greater Chicago area have the opportunity to choose their own doctors and medical facilities. While insurance restrictions sometimes direct a patient toward a particular health system, in some cases individuals can choose the health professionals that they want rather than the ones assigned to them. When choosing a primary care doctor or one who provides a specialty, patients take many factors into consideration.

Individuals may consider where the doctor studied and how much experience they have in the relevant area of medicine. The patients may look at recommendations and consider how competent they feel the doctors' staffs are. Some individuals may even prefer to choose a male doctor over a female doctor or an older doctor over a younger doctor, depending upon the characteristics and preferences of the patient.

Illinois considers allowing video cameras in nursing homes

Every year thousands of complaints are lodged with the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding alleged nursing home abuse and neglect. Nursing homes provide care for senior citizens and other individuals with diminished physical and mental capacities who need support to perform the minor and major requirements of daily living. While some of the complaints received by DPH are meritless, others involve significant violations of the law that result in serious injuries to nursing home patients.

This Chicago personal injury law blog has addressed some types of nursing home neglect and abuse. Bed sores, medication errors, emotional abuse, and other types of harm can be real problems for people who rely on nursing home staff members for assistance. Claims of abuse and neglect are sometimes hard to prove when it is a resident's word against that of a staff member. Accordingly, the Illinois legislature has sent to the governor a proposed piece of law that could help resolve this problem.

A holiday car accident can leave you with a lifetime of suffering

Summer is a season of festivities. From Memorial Day to Labor Day and with the Fourth of July right in between, Chicago residents often barely finish planning one holiday party before the next cookout or get-together is coming up on the calendar. For many, alcohol is a part of enjoying time with friends and family. When alcohol combines with driving home from celebrations, car accidents can result.

The victim of a holiday season car accident may never see his collision coming. He may be struck in an intersection when opposing traffic should have stopped; or he may be run off of the road by a negligent or drunk driver. He may never know what is coming until his car has been struck and he is suddenly suffering the mental and physical pain of enduring a violent automobile crash.

Some children suffer personal injuries in youth sports

Summer is a fantastic time of year for many Chicago kids. Aside from the fact that they are out of school, many are also able to spend time with their friends while engaging in their favorite club and team sports. From soccer to football, baseball to field hockey, children all across the metropolitan area spend their summers getting dirty and honing their athletic skills.

While sports are a great way for kids to learn teamwork and build physical stamina, they are also often the medium through which children suffer personal injuries. Some sports-related injuries are minor, such as superficial abrasions and minor sprains. Others are more significant, such as broken bones and concussions.

Does malpractice ever lead to anesthesia errors during surgery?

Anesthetics are a particular kind of drug that some Chicago doctors use for surgical procedures. Drugs that fall into this category are used for a variety of purposes including pain relief, relaxation and sleep induction. As surgeries can be highly complex and lengthy, doctors often find it convenient to relax their patients to the point of sleep for the procedures so that they do not experience the pain associated with their operations.

Although serious complications from anesthesia errors are not common, some people are harmed by the sleep-inducing medications their medical teams administer before their surgeries. According to WebMD, there are many issues a person may experience as a result of the use of anesthesia in his body. A person's heart or lungs may be adversely affected, or he may experience severe headaches, vomiting or pneumonia. Too much or the wrong anesthesia can affect a person's brain; doctors and medical facilities should understand a patient's condition and perform necessary tests before submitting a person to a potentially dangerous form of local or general anesthesia.

Chicago-area car accident victim sues city, estate of driver

Few automobile accident victims have the chance to prepare for their accidents before they happen. A victim may only have a split second of realization about what is going to happen before his vehicle is hit by another auto. In many cases, car accident victims never see their accidents coming.

In 2014, a woman from the Chicago suburb of Geneva was in a violent car accident with a city employee. The city employee was driving a city vehicle when he sped through a stop sign and was struck by the woman's car. The woman was unable to stop before colliding with the city truck, and as a result of the accident the city employee was killed.