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  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
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Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

Patient alleges malpractice during treatment of heart condition

Heart attacks are a terrifying, life-threatening condition for many Americans. In Chicago, individuals who are predisposed to heart problems are often aware of their limitations and take active steps to ensure that they are keeping their hearts as healthy as possible to prevent attacks and other heart-related traumas. One way that many individuals deal with their potentially problematic hearts is to seek medical attention when they believe they might be suffering from heart issues. As beneficial as we all hope this would be, it does not always turn out so.

In 2014, a Cook County resident visited a doctor at Edward Hospital to participate in a nuclear exercise stress test. The test was intended to evaluate his heart and revealed that the patient suffered from plaque in some of his coronary arteries. The doctor responsible for his care then subjected him to an angioplasty, a procedure intended to clear the plaque blockages, but the procedure did not accomplish its intended purpose.

Do I give up my rights when I become a nursing home resident?

Not many Chicago residents are willing to give up their independence. Having one's own home, the ability to drive, and the power to make decisions for one's self are all capacities that some people take for granted. When illness, injury, or other ailments force a person to seek the ongoing assistance of a medical or nursing care facility, he may find that the luxury of independence that he once enjoyed is replaced by the control of a third party.

However, if you must live or rehabilitate in a nursing home for any period of time, you are still entitled to many personal rights. For example, nursing home residents cannot be barred from seeing their family members and loved ones and they cannot be stopped from speaking with authorities about the quality and sufficiency of the care they receive. They cannot be required to submit to medical procedures and treatments against their will, and they may request to receive information about their treatment plans.

You should not suffer a personal injury from another's mistake

Sometimes individuals in Chicago suffer injuries that are not the fault of any one person, but are due to mere clumsiness or happenstance. Unfortunately, there are times a person suffers an injury due to the actions or inactions of another individual. When these injuries are severe, victims can rack up significant medical bills, not to mention the pain and suffering they endure.

Harm and injuries that a person suffers as a result of other people's actions may be compensable when the responsible parties failed to act responsibly given the circumstances of the situations. Reasonableness can be as straightforward as putting out a "slippery when wet" sign on a floor that was recently washed or as farsighted as putting up signage warning of latent dangers on a property that may or may not be visited by others.

Many forms of negligence can cause car accidents

A motor vehicle accident can occur almost instantly. In one moment a Chicago driver may be traveling down the road without any apparent obstacles in his path, and in the next he may be experiencing the violent crash of his automobile into that of another vehicle. The main reason that car accidents occur is negligence, and this post will explore some of the ways that drivers can exhibit negligence and cause harm to others.

To begin, readers should have a basic understanding of what negligence really represents. Generally, a person is potentially being negligent if he does not use reasonableness in his actions. If, given the circumstances of his surroundings a reasonable person would not conduct himself in such a way, the acting party may be considered negligent.

Worker dies in construction accident at Chicago Ford plant

Tragedy recently struck the Ford Chicago Assembly Plant on Torrance Avenue. Two men who were involved in a construction project at the facility were near a concrete wall when an eight foot by eight foot part of the wall collapsed upon them. While one of the men escaped with injuries, the other lost his life in the construction accident.

The survivor is in critical condition at a local hospital while the deceased victim of the accident has been identified as a 45-year-old man. Ford has issued a statement in which it has acknowledged the accident as well as the worker's death and claims to be cooperating with the investigation into the incident.

What documents should I save for a medical malpractice case?

When an injured party files a lawsuit against an allegedly responsible party, the injured party must generally prove that the harm he or she suffered was caused by the other party. Proof in a lawsuit is often called evidence, and when a person files a lawsuit based on medical malpractice there is a variety of evidence that he may need to provide in order to prove some or all of the elements of his claims. This post will provide a general discussion of some of the documents a person may need in order to prove his medical malpractice case, but Chicago readers should note that every personal injury case is different and each may require different forms of proof.

The first set of documents that an injured party should have is his medical records. A person's medical records provide a history of the medical issues he sought treatment for as well as the analyses that his medical professionals provided of those visits. Medical records can be used to create a timeline of illness, injury and treatment in a medical malpractice case.

Drunk driver causes Christmas night car accident

The festive mood that generally surrounds the holidays in Chicago was marred for some by a violent car accident that occurred in Hillside on Christmas night. At approximately fifteen minutes to eleven o'clock at night, a vehicle driven by a 23-year-old man crashed into a second vehicle and caused a number of personal injuries. What makes this accident particularly upsetting is that the driver responsible for the violent crash was drunk at the time of the accident.

The driver had two passengers in the car with him at the time of the collision, which occurred at Harrison Street and Wolf Road in Hillside. He drove through a red light and hit another vehicle in the road, causing one passenger in the other vehicle to sustain critical injuries and causing lesser injuries to himself and three others. All were taken to local hospitals after the crash and the drunk driver was arrested upon his release.

We give a voice to victims of nursing home neglect

The decision to enter a nursing home is never easy for an individual or his or her family. All throughout the greater Chicago area, families are struggling with how to best handle the medical and care decisions of their loved ones with special needs. If and when an individual is placed in a nursing home facility, his or her family may worry about the quality of attention that their loved one is receiving.

Many nursing and group homes provide excellent care for those individuals who can no longer live on their own. A good nursing home has a well-trained staff that is equipped to handle the unique ailments that each of the home's patients experiences. It has the capacity to cope with unexpected changes in a patient's health in a prompt and professional manner.

Patients suffer falls while in hospitals, medical facilities

Normally when a Chicago resident checks into a hospital the person expects to leave the facility in better shape than when the person arrived. For many people this is the case. However, for patients who suffer falls while under the care of hospitals and other in-patient medical facilities, the outcome can be different.

There are a variety of reasons that patients in hospitals may suffer detrimental falls. Some of those reasons are based on the actual conditions of the facilities. Patients may fall if they cannot see due to poor lighting. They may also slip if they must cross floors that are wet, polished or otherwise too slippery.

How common are highway worksite construction accidents?

Anyone who lives in or near Chicago has likely driven on or rode in a car while it has traveled on an interstate or highway. The state of Illinois has many throughways with relatively high speeds that allow travelers to get from one part of the state to another or to leave the state in order to travel to other parts of the country. The state's highways and interstates, however, are often in need of repair. It is not uncommon to see amber signs up about road construction as drivers pass through the metropolitan area.

Road construction is often completed by road crews and machinery. Such construction projects can place workers in dangerously close proximity to moving traffic and can subject them to hazards such as inclement weather and drunken drivers. With all of the dangers that road construction workers can face, one may wonder how frequently such individuals are the victims of construction accidents.