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  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $13,300,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $925,000 - Malpractice
  • $850,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $7,000,000 - Premises Liability

Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

Residents have rights to prevent nursing home abuse

This Chicago personal injury law blog has looked at some of the horrific problems that can occur when nursing home residents suffer from neglect and abuse. From bed sores and falls to mental trauma and assault, the harm that some nursing home residents must endure while under the watch of care facilities is tragic, heartbreaking and, in some cases, violent. Nursing home residents do, however, have legal rights. Even though they are not living in their own homes, they deserve and have the rights to the respect and duty of care expected of nursing homes and care facilities.

For example, nursing home residents may not be denied access to their friends and loved ones, and unless doing so could harm them, they may also have personal items with them while in their care facilities. Every nursing home resident has the right to maintain confidentiality over his medical information and can choose not to have treatments selected for his care.

Misdiagnosis is a common medical malpractice issue

Prior posts on this Chicago personal injury law blog have talked about the legal requirements for bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Generally, a patient and a doctor must have a relationship before a claim can be filed, meaning that the doctor has agreed to treat the patient or otherwise has some duty to provide care to the individual. In addition to a pre-existing relationship, a doctor must do or fail to do something with regard to the patient that a reasonable doctor would have done properly given the facts of the case.

When a patient suffers harm and the preceding elements of the claim exist, that patient may have a lawsuit based on malpractice against a doctor. Though surgical errors and birth injuries occur more than they should, misdiagnosis is a common basis for medical malpractice claims. Misdiagnosis can involve a doctor diagnosing a patient with an erroneous condition or a doctor failing to diagnose a patient with an actual and present malady.

Celebrity suffers personal injury at restaurant

Chicago residents may be familiar with actress Tori Spelling from her years on television dramas and more recently on reality programming. She has lived much of her life in front of the camera and has had many major events in her life documented by the press. Just recently, Spelling was involved in an injury-causing incident at a restaurant and media outlets quickly picked up on the story.

According to reports, Spelling was eating with friends and family at a Benihana restaurant when the accident occurred. Spelling allegedly fell onto a hibachi grill and suffered serious injuries to her arm. The grill seriously burned her skin and the actress underwent skin grafts to treat the injury.

Why do crane accidents cause so many construction injuries?

Before a new building is finished, Chicago residents often see a massive crane looming over the construction project. On its own a crane is an impressive structure. Tall and strong, sturdy and precise, cranes help lift large materials up into the air as building projects grow higher and higher off of the ground.

As elevations increase, however, so too do the occurrences of crane-related construction injuries. Crane operators and those who work with them on construction projects can be at risk of injury and death when problems occur with cranes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides data on crane and hoist safety that describes why cranes can be dangerous pieces of construction equipment.

Motor vehicle accident involving semi kills one in Chicago

Large trucks such as 18-wheelers and other freight vehicles can cause serious problems for other drivers on Chicago's roads. As they are very large and generally cannot start or stop as fast as smaller cars, semi-trucks can quickly become hazards for those that must drive near them. A recent accident in the city's Southwest Side ide demonstrates this terrifying phenomenon.

A car carrying a driver and one passenger collided with a semi on South Damen. The early morning crash occurred just where the road goes over the Stevenson Expressway. The city deployed its Major Accident Unit to perform an accident investigation into the matter, though it appears that the smaller vehicle hit the large truck while the semi was making a left-hand turn.

Does Illinois law regulate how nursing homes are run?

When researching long-term care facilities or nursing homes, Chicago residents might be struck by how various facilities try to distinguish themselves from each other. They may claim to offer unique and desirable services. They may make offers of cost-effectiveness and tout their records of safety. Because many want to stand out to draw the attention of consumers, it can be difficult for the average person to compare them.

However, the Illinois Department of Public Health provides one good way that a person can begin to compare nursing homes and other similar facilities. It, along with a host of other federal and state-run agencies, regulates nursing homes to ensure that they offer adequate safety and care to their residents. A nursing home in the state of Illinois must be fully in compliance with state regulations as well as many federal mandates.

Wrong-site surgery can lead to malpractice claims

Last week's blog post discussed the serious trauma that can occur when a person suffers an injury to his spinal cord. When Chicago residents have significant problems with their backs and spines they can sometimes undergo surgeries to repair the damage. Surgery, whether it is performed on the spine or another body part, always brings with it inherent risks.

From surgical site infections to other complications, a myriad of problems can occur before, during and after a surgical procedure. In some cases a surgery may go well but still may present a major issue for a patient. This can occur when a patient has a surgery performed on the wrong surgical site.

What happens when someone suffers a spinal cord injury?

Any number of personal injuries can result when a Chicago resident is involved in an automobile-based accident. From seatbelt and steering wheel bruises to broken bones and concussions, the range of physical damages that can occur from such an event can vary greatly. One area of injury that is often very severe is when damage occurs to a victim's spinal cord. The spinal cord runs from a person's brain and down the person's back, connecting brain impulses to the rest of the corpus through the central nervous system.

The spinal cord is protected by bones called vertebrae. When a person's vertebrae are damaged or break, the spinal cord can become damaged as well. In serious accidents a victim's spinal cord may become severed, ultimately cutting off contact from the victim's brain to his body and causing paralysis, organ failure and, in some cases, death.

Electricity may cause serious Illinois construction accidents

Many of the hazards that exist at Illinois construction sites are visible to the naked eye. A Chicago resident may see an uncovered hole, unsecured ladder or other danger that could potentially cause harm to anyone who encountered it. However, visible hazards are not the only problems that individuals may face when they are on construction sites.

Electricity is an invisible danger that causes construction site injuries throughout the country each year. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, electricity can cause a person to suffer internal and external injuries, if it comes into contact with a living body. A person may suffer burns where the electricity touched the skin. Internally, a person may experience damage to his organs, tissue, muscles and nerves. Electricity can cause a person to internally bleed, and it can also cause a person's muscles to involuntarily contract.

My Illinois loved one died in a car accident. Do I have rights?

One of the most excruciating experiences that a Chicago resident may have is the loss of a loved one from an avoidable car accident. Car accidents that occur because of the mistakes of others can cause serious injuries and death for innocent victims. Often the pain and suffering that occurs after a car accident extends far beyond that experienced by the direct victims and reaches out to those who loved and lost individuals killed in the crashes.

When a person loses a loved one in a car accident he may not know what he can do. He may be filled with emotions and uncertain of what rights and responsibilities he has with regard to seeking compensation from the negligent party or parties. With regard to car accidents that result in losses of life, some relatives of deceased victims may have the right to sue under the wrongful death theory of law.