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Death of Illinois cyclist may lead to wrongful death claims

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 700 cyclists were killed in accidents with motor vehicles in 2012. Nearly 50,000 other cyclists were hurt in automobile crashes during that same year, leading to an exorbitant number of victims created in car-bike collisions. Many more cyclists have been injured and killed since this data was released, including some who live in and around the Chicago metropolitan area.

Most recently a 39-year-old Niles resident was killed by a car while riding his bike. The man was struck by a car while riding on West Howard Street in the northern Chicago suburban community. Though he was taken to a local hospital for treatment, he did not survive his catastrophic injuries.

Hockey fan places blame for injury on Chicago facility

The World Cup tournament has just wrapped up in Brazil, and Chicago sports fans may now be transferring their interests to other athletic events. With baseball in full swing and football season right around the corner, many fans are more excited about games to come than about events that happened in the past. This is not the case for one fan of local sports, who alleges to have suffered personal injury, while attending an athletic contest.

More than a year ago a 56-year-old season ticket holder for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team was attending the first game of the Stanley Cup at the United Center. During the game a puck flew from the ice and into the crowd, hitting the woman in the face. As a result of the ordeal, the woman suffered a severe cut to her face that required medical attention.

Public servant in Chicago-area community killed in auto accident

Though it may not be as busy or as crowded as Chicago, the community of Evanston is a vibrant place for living, working and exploring. It offers its residents many opportunities to enjoy public events and services that are sometimes lost or glossed over in bigger cities. Within such a community there are many public workers who strive to make communal living as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

An unfortunate accident claimed the life of one longtime Evanston public worker. A 55-year-old female librarian with the city's public library system died when she was hit by a motorcycle. She was riding her bike near the library and had started to cross the street when the deadly auto accident occurred. Though the victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash she was unable to survive the incident.

Alleged drunk driver causes three-car crash with injuries

Drivers in Chicago need to be constantly aware of the possibility of a drunk driver on the road. With the amount of damage that can occur as a result of a drunk driving accident, it's imperative that drivers keep a close watch for drivers who are operating their vehicles erratically or are ignoring traffic laws. All motor vehicle accidents have the potential to cause significant injuries and even death, but one precipitated by a drunk driver is even more deadly due to the lack of judgment and reflexes the driver is likely to have.

A three-vehicle accident was allegedly caused by a drunk driver heading the wrong way on the road. A 24-year-old woman drove her Ford Explorer south in the lanes heading north on the interstate. She subsequently crashed into a Toyota Sienna and a Chevy Avalanche.

Construction accident claims life of worker

Over the summer, many communities in and around Chicago undertake infrastructure and building projects. Due to decreased use from June to August, schools are often places that cities choose to work during this time. While some school building projects are simple refurbishments, others are full-scale new construction projects.

In the neighboring state of Wisconsin, a high school in a small community was recently undergoing some construction work. The construction company that was hired to do work at the high school, along with the community, suffered a terrible loss when one of the company's employees was killed in a construction accident.

Comedian injured in serious motor vehicle accident

Sitcoms and other entertainment programs offer Chicago residents a brief respite from their stressful days. Often depicting humorous or otherwise entertaining scenarios, television shows can take away some of the worries of a busy schedule. Rarely do the events of the actors' lives impact the everyday thoughts of their fans.

When tragedy strikes, however, fans take a more active role in the well-being of their favorite entertainers. Tracy Morgan, a popular comedian and star of the television show "30 Rock" was recently involved in a serious automobile accident. The fatal accident claimed the life of another man traveling with Morgan and injured several others.

Unusual truck accident causes injuries and deaths

Anyone who has driven on Chicago's freeways has had to maneuver around road debris. Often times that debris consists of rubber from blown out truck tires. Though it is not uncommon for blow outs to occur it is less expected for an accident to result from a damaged tire.

A truck carrying logs on an out-of-state highway recently experienced a tire blow out and the consequences were devastating. The blow out caused the weight of the heavy logs to shift and the trailer on which they were riding to tip over. Logs then flew off of the trailer and struck a road crew that was doing work on a nearby bridge.

Man causes fatal car accident while trying to escape cops

The past rarely stays in the past and some Illinois residents try to do whatever they can to avoid the consequences of their prior actions. While some attempt to shirk familial obligations, others try to evade legal matters. A recent car accident in Elgin may have occurred for just this reason.

Police in the Illinois community tried to make a traffic stop on an inmate currently out on parole. The inmate was wanted on several warrants but managed to get away from authorities. Though the cops claim they were not pursuing him, the inmate increased his car's speed and drove through a stop sign.

Wall falls on construction worker in Chicago

Chicago residents trust that the houses where they live and offices where they work are built with a certain degree of care. Structures must be strong enough to withstand the rigors of Illinois winters as well as the threats of tornadoes and storms that arrive each summer. Though they exercise a lot of discretion with regard to how they decorate them, most people trust the integrity of their homes and offices to the expertise of others.

Well-built structures can take a long time to erect due to the many important decisions that must be made in constructing them. In the same vein, the deconstruction of buildings can be a painstaking process that must be executed with great care. The metal, concrete and other durable products used in building assembly can become significant dangers if they are improperly demolished or handled.

Veteran killed in car accident before graduation ceremony

Throughout the state thousands of young people are completing their high school and college degrees and preparing themselves for their futures. Most will celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family and others will begin new jobs or other academic pursuits. Graduation is a time of ending one chapter in order to begin the next.

A young man preparing to graduate from the University of Illinois unfortunately did not have a chance to discover his future due to a car accident that claimed his life. The man was riding his motorcycle in Urbana when he was hit and killed by another driver. He was reportedly on his way to get a haircut before his graduation ceremony at the time the fatal incident occurred.

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