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  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $13,300,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $925,000 - Malpractice
  • $850,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $7,000,000 - Premises Liability

Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

Serious falls can result from Illinois nursing home neglect

Nursing homes in Chicago and throughout the rest of the country provide vital services for individuals who cannot care for their personal and medical needs on their own. Though the young can find themselves in nursing homes, the elderly make up a large part of the national nursing home population. When many people of failing health and advancing age are all put in a single place, mistakes and accidents can occur.

One major problem in some nursing homes is falls. Nursing home falls affect thousands of people each year. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that around 1,800 nursing home residents die every year because of falls. Many others suffer life-changing, debilitating physical damage from falls that do not result in death.

Construction injuries keep workers away from their jobs

Little children (and some grown-ups too) enjoy watching new construction sites pop up all over the Chicago metropolitan area. Whether the sites will be home to new high rises, businesses or single family homes, construction sites bring with them exciting tools and machinery needed to erect large structures. While working with such powerful items may look fun and exciting to some, those tools do not always show their true and sometimes deadly dangers to those who must handle them.

Many construction site accidents occur when problems happen in the use of tools or machines. Those problems can be based on the maintenance of the equipment or their use. When equipment is not maintained in its safest working order, workers can suffer construction injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. When construction workers are not properly trained to use large machinery such as front-loaders and forklifts, dangerous construction site conditions can arise very quickly for the workers operating the machines as well as those working in their vicinities.

How do I know if I have a personal injury claim?

When an Illinois resident is injured due to the conduct of another person, he may wonder if he has a legal claim against the responsible party. He may be especially interested in the answer to this inquiry if his accident-related injuries prevent him from earning a living or otherwise fully living his life. As with all legal matters, a person's individual situation will determine if the claim is solid and therefore the following discussion of negligence and fault should only be read for informational purposes.

In Illinois a person may be liable for the injuries of another if his conduct was negligent, reckless, willful and wanton or the breach of a warranty. Each of these bases of fault requires a different level of proof and the various personal injury claims codified in state law each establish their own elements that a victim must prove to be successful on his particular legal claims.

Car accident leads to death of Chicago teen, other accidents

Motor vehicle accidents happen all of the time throughout Chicago. In fact, even the presence of single-vehicle accidents on local roads can create dangerous situations for other area drivers. Just recently a tragedy occurred in North Chicago and claimed the life of a 17-year-old boy. The entire incident began with a one-car crash.

The boy was driving north on Skokie Highway when he apparently crashed his car into the highway's median. He then got out of his vehicle to look at what had happened and the situation quickly escalated into a serious incident. While looking over his damaged vehicle, the boy was struck by a second vehicle that was also traveling north on the highway.

Medical malpractice in the mental health field

Medical malpractice occurs when doctors fail to exercise their professional duties of care toward their patients and patients suffer harm as a result of those shortcomings. It is an unfortunate and real occurrence in communities all across the state of Illinois and it affects many people across the country each year. Though medical malpractice is often thought of as a wrong that results in only physical harm, it can also occur in cases of mental health as well.

The website mentalhealth.gov describes mental health as related to a person's social, emotional and psychological health. The state of people's mental health can have a drastic impact on how they live their lives. When doctors fail to adequately treat individuals for mental health issues and disorders, those patients can suffer devastating harm.

How do I report a case of nursing home abuse?

Nursing home abuse is a difficult problem for any Chicago resident to confront. Aside from the suspicions and fears about making an allegation against another person or a medical facility, individuals cannot always be sure of where or to whom their reports should be made. This blog addresses authorities that are involved in reporting cases of nursing home abuse.

The Illinois Department of Health, Bureau of Long-Term Care enforces the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. This law sets standards for facilities operating in the state and with other state and federal laws makes up the regulatory force behind state nursing home administration. The state's Department of Health also operates a nursing home hotline that permits concerned citizens to contact the government and report possible cases of nursing home abuse and neglect that violate the mentioned act.

Chicago police officers hurt in local car accident

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident firsthand can be an overwhelming event. In addition to the injuries, damages and other losses that a victim may suffer in the car collision, a person who is involved in an auto accident will often have to work through insurance claims, seek time off from work and secure other resources during his recovery. Depending upon the severity of car accidents, individuals may also expect to have to speak to law enforcement authorities about their experiences either as victims or as suspected negligent drivers.

Three Chicago police officers found themselves on the other side of a car accident investigation when they were involved in an evening crash. The law enforcement officials were traveling in a police vehicle on 87th Street when they collided with another vehicle at the road's intersection with South Loomis Boulevard. The officers were turning right when the incident occurred. All three officers suffered injuries, as did a passenger in the other driver's car. The driver of the non-police vehicle was received multiple citations related to the crash.

Personal injury can occur from a variety of circumstances

According to the American Bar Association's Division for Public Education, personal injury law can help a person who is injured by the acts or omissions of another individual. All across the Chicago metropolitan area situations arise where one person's actions or failure to act result in harm falling on someone else. Although personal injuries can arise from many different events, the ABA identifies three major areas where accidental injuries can occur.

First, personal injury can result when someone is negligent. Being negligent generally means not acting with the standard of care a reasonable person would exercise given the circumstances of the situation. Negligence can mean doing something that directly harms another or failing to take a precaution that ends with a separate party sustaining injuries. Cases based on slip and fall accidents and car accidents are generally the result of negligence.

Watch for nursing home abuse during the holiday season

Individuals all throughout Illinois will brave the winter weather and airport delays to be with their loved ones over the holidays. While many will reach their destinations and enjoy vacations with family and friends, others will have to stay where they live in order to receive continuing medical treatment and care. Hospitals, hospices and nursing homes all stay open throughout the holiday season and provide ongoing services to those who require medical assistance.

As their friends and loved ones visit them at their medical and care facilities, some patients may quietly be suffering from cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. These sad situations occur when care facilities and their care giver staffs fail to meet the standards of care established for them by law and applicable regulations. Whether those failures result from intentional or accidental actions and omissions, medical and care facilities should be held accountable for the harm that they cause to their patients.

What are my rights if I don't know who caused my car accident?

When Chicago residents are involved in car accidents, many follow the appropriate protocols regarding how to manage the aftermaths of their crashes. They stop their vehicles and check themselves and others for injuries. Then they examine their vehicles, noting any damages. They exchange their contact and insurance information with the other parties involved in the crashes and then they begin the processes of having their property repaired.

But what happens if two cars get into an accident and one of them drives away? This type of accident is called a hit and run accident, indicating that one vehicle hits another and then drives off without stopping to offer aid or information. Hit and run accidents raise questions regarding civil and criminal liability and can cause responsible drivers a lot of legal problems.