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Auto accident on Chicago road lands truck in store

People everywhere dream about winning the lottery because it is exciting to imagine practically limitless wealth. For many people buying a lottery ticket is an inexpensive form of entertainment that provides a little hope for those who envision a life without having to work.

One woman found herself in a dangerous situation while buying lottery tickets at a local Chicago shop. She was in a South Side convenience store when she heard a car accident occur outside the business. Shortly after the sounds occurred, one of the involved vehicles hit the convenience store and the woman. She was caught up against a wall in the store and rescue crews took her to a local hospital where she is in fair condition.

Child killed in motor vehicle accident outside of Chicago

Chicago and its surrounding metropolitan area are always bustling with activity. Many people rely on their own personal vehicles and public transportation in order to get from one place to another. Unfortunately, car accidents do happen, and when an accident is a result of another person's negligence, victims who are injured, or families of victims who have been killed, may be eligible for compensation.

About 25 miles from downtown Chicago, a family in Gary, Indiana may have a more difficult time suing a driver that recently killed a 13-year-old boy and injured another boy, because the driver took off after the accident. The dark-colored vehicle apparently drove off of the road and onto the curb where it struck the two boys.

Two-car collision in Illinois kills one and injures another

Although some accidents are simply just that, an accident, a negligent driver could be a serious risk on the roadways. In Illinois, if a driver fails to uphold a certain standard of care, they could cause a serious or even fatal car accident. Whether a driver is traveling too fast, texting while driving, is distracted or fails to maintain their lane, these negligent actions could significantly affect those involved as well as their loved ones.

An automobile collision recently occurred in Schuyler County, Illinois, and Illinois State Police were dispatched to the scene. According to reports the accident involved two vehicles and occurred on U.S. 67. The crash resulted in the death of one driver and injured another.

Chicago train crash injures dozens of people

Millions of people use public and private transportation methods each day to travel to their jobs, vacations and other commitments. Whether they are flying on a plane or boarding a train, many travelers understand the risks associated with letting other people be responsible for their movements.

A very scary event recently happened right here in Chicago when a commuter train crashed at O'Hare International Airport. The train derailed and apparently traveled part of the way up the escalator in the station to the airport before stopping. As a result of the eight-car train crash, at least 30 people suffered injuries though thankfully no fatalities were reported.

Hit-and-run injury accident leaves one dead in Chicago

It is well understood by most Chicago residents that drinking and driving never mix. A recent accident in the West Town neighbor of the city shows how this deadly combination can result in horribly tragic events.

A 33-year-old graphic artist was struck and killed by a black sport utility vehicle that did not stop after striking him. The accident caused the victim to be taken to a local hospital where he died from his catastrophic injuries. Witnesses who saw the incident occur believe that the SUV may have come from the direction of a local bar, indicating that the driver may have been drinking prior to causing the fatal injury accident.

Chicago police officer dies in high speed pursuit accident

Hollywood has glamorized police pursuits to make them appear exciting and full of adventure. In reality, high speed races through busy cities like Chicago are very dangerous and pose many risks to the pedestrians and other drivers who must do their best to avoid the chases.

A Chicago police officer who had gone off duty was killed when a van being pursued by a separate officer crashed into his vehicle. The deceased officer was a veteran of the police force and the city is now looking into whether the officer who was in pursuit of the van was following the department's pursuit protocols at the time of the accident.

Nursing home neglect a problem for patients in need

Everyone hopes to be able to always take care of his or her family and Chicago residents are no different. Whether it is helping a sibling out with money trouble or guiding a young family member through a tough time, families here in Illinois and across the country try to take care of their problems internally.

In some cases families need more support than they have to offer and need outside help. One situation that often requires a family to enlist an outsider's services is when long-term medical care is needed. Desperate families turn to nursing homes to provide safe and effective health care for their ailing relatives.

Motor vehicle accidents claim sisters' lives 18 years apart

Many Illinois residents may have heard the old saying that lightening never strikes the same place twice. Like other highly improbable events, it is hard to believe that accidents and other such chance occurrences can happen and affect the same people more than once. One Illinois family may be starting to believe that accidents, like lightening, do not always follow commonly held beliefs.

A 29-year-old Illinois woman was recently killed when her sport utility vehicle crashed with a semi truck. What makes the circumstances of her accident tragically unique is that her twin sister was killed in a vehicle accident merely 500 yards away from where the SUV driver lost her life.

Snowy rig leads to construction injuries, deaths

Chicago residents have been afflicted by heavy snow this winter and people in other parts of the country have been hit hard as well. From New England to the Mid-Atlantic, Americans inside and outside of Chicago have suffered from weather-related car accidents, slips and falls and other forms of personal injury. A recent out-of-state accident now provides another venue where Americans have been affected by the snow: while at work.

Two men were killed when they came into contact with a dump truck that touched a live power line. The driver of the truck had gotten out of his vehicle after the dump truck raised its rig to remove snow that had collected inside. He touched the metal vehicle and suffered devastating injuries and another man also suffered serious burns and went into shock when he tried to lend aid to the first victim.

Impaired driver injures three people in Chicago suburb

Intoxicated or impaired driving often leads to dangerous situations out on local Chicago streets. While in some cases other drivers are able to get out of the way of impaired drivers, in other situations, the victims of impaired drivers cannot do anything to prevent bad accidents. A recent incident in Maywood highlights how serious impaired driving accidents can be for their victims.

Three people were injured after an impaired driver hit a Pace bus and then traveled into a crosswalk. Though one of the victims escaped the accident with less significant injuries, two of the pedestrian victims were taken to the hospital with more serious injuries.

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