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  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $5,860,000 Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death
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  • $4,000,000 - Medical Malpractice
  • $3,000,000 - Vehicle Accident
  • $950,000 - Birth Injury Malpractice
  • $7,500,000 - Premises Liability

Chicago Personal Injury Law Blog

Playgrounds a common place for children's injuries to occur

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the results of a study regarding injuries and playgrounds in the United States. The 12 year evaluation determined that more children are being treated for playground injuries than in the past, and in particular more children are being seen with concussions and traumatic brain injuries as a result of these incidents. On playgrounds in Chicago and in other parts of the nation, swings and monkey bars are the playground structures most likely to cause injuries in youths under the age of 14.

While children will always get bumps and bruises when they engage in outdoor play, serious injuries can often be prevented when responsible parties take control and provide adequate safety precautions. For example, a set of money bars over a soft surface may be significantly less likely to cause children harm than a similar set of bars placed over an asphalt or concrete pad.

What to do if you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident

Most fender benders involve the drivers getting out of their vehicles and exchanging information from their licenses and insurance policies. However, when a hit-and-run accident occurs, the victim-driver does not have the opportunity to speak with the responsible party so that the person may follow up for compensation for the person's losses. When a Chicago resident is involved in a hit-and-run car crash, the person may not be sure of what to do in its aftermath.

Victims should always seek medical attention if their accidents result in injuries. If they are able, however, victims should take note of important information about their hit-and-run crashes. They may wish to note the time of day and location of the accidents, as well as any information that they may remember about the vehicles or drivers that struck them. Vehicle type, color, size and other details can be helpful to accident investigators when they attempt to identify the hit-and-run driver.

What should I ask when considering residency in a nursing home?

Leaving one's house in order to take residency in a Chicago nursing home can be an intimidating process. Without having the comforts of one's own home to enjoy on a daily basis, one can face challenges and difficulties that can significantly affect their freedoms. This can be especially true when that individual becomes an in-patient of a nursing home facility. One of the most important things that a person can do when faced with this difficult prospect is to make sure that the nursing home he plans to enter is prepared to meet his needs.

There are many questions that an individual should ask before accepting a place in a nursing home. Inquiries should be made about the facility's license and whether it has ever been subjected to investigation by the state for any claims of neglect or abuse. An inquiring party may also ask about how staff at the facility is interviewed and selected as well as if they are subject to background checks prior to beginning their employment.

Statute of limitations can reduce timeline for accident lawsuit

Chicago residents do not have unlimited periods of time in which to file lawsuits based on injuries they suffered in car accidents. In Illinois, a person generally has two years from the date of his injury to initiate litigation for the recovery of his losses. However, as every vehicle collision is different, it is important that individuals understand their rights, the legal limitations, and other statutory and case law that may apply to their civil cases.

The law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish includes as part of its personal injury legal practice the representation of people who have been harmed in car, truck, and other automobile crashes. Certain factors can influence the length of time after which an accident occurs that a person can sue the party or parties that caused his injuries. The attorneys of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish are prepared to speak with their clients about the facts and circumstances that may change the statues of limitation for their case, as well as the best strategy for seeking compensation.

Can respiratory injuries happen on construction sites?

Construction site injuries come in all shapes and sizes. From minor cuts and abrasions to significant falls and broken bones, Chicago construction workers can suffer from a myriad of work-related harms. One type of construction-related injury that is not as obvious as those just mentioned is a respiratory injury or illness. Respiratory problems can affect construction workers when they breathe in harmful materials without the proper breathing apparatuses.

When buildings are demolished, particles can be released into the air. When buildings are erected, materials can be sprayed to sealed, clean, or otherwise aid in the completion of the building project. In both cases, the introduction of contaminants into the air can be detrimental to the health and welfare of those who must work in the vicinity.

Criminal conduct can result in civil claims and damages

When a drunk driver hits a pedestrian on a Chicago street, the driver may be arrested for his dangerous conduct. While arresting a dangerous person is a good way to keep him from harming others, putting a person into the criminal justice system may seem to preclude the victim's ability to seek out compensation from dangerous individual through a civil lawsuit. This is generally not the case, as civil and criminal matters can both proceed against an individual whose criminal conduct caused personal injury or harm to a victim or victims.

Criminal matters address harm caused by individuals in violation of laws that were established to protect the public. Civil matters, however, address the losses people face when other parties' negligence and recklessness cause losses and harm. Since many criminal actions inflict bodily injury on victims, it is possible for a criminal defendant to face civil liability as well for losses arising from a single action. One reason this is possible is because civil lawsuits have a lower standard of proof compared to criminal actions.

Our firm fights to hold negligent medical professionals liable

Negligence is a legal concept on which many personal injury claims are based. This Chicago personal injury law blog has discussed negligence in the context of car accidents, construction accidents, and nursing home accidents. Negligence can also form the basis of a medical malpractice claim.

Medical negligence can happen in many ways, and its presence is often dependent upon the facts of a particular individual's case. Because medical negligence can look very different in varying contexts, it is important for people with possible negligence-based claims to evaluate their situation and determine if it is appropriate for litigation. Attorneys at the law firm of Steinberg, Goodman & Kalish are prepared to assist individuals engaging in this type of evaluation and to help them determine if they have strong claims for damages based on medical negligence.

Strong advocacy needed to address construction accident claims

Construction workers in Chicago take quite a risk on most days just to earn a living, as was evidenced in one accident recently discussed on our blog. Workplace statistics show that construction workers are among the most common workers to suffer an injury on a job site or, in the most unfortunate situations, fatality. The fact is that there are many different ways that a construction workplace injury can occur.

One of the most common causes of construction accidents is faulty equipment. Cranes, forklifts, and even nail guns have been the cause of countless construction accidents on work sites throughout the country every year. Our readers in Chicago may think that the operation of this equipment is to blame in many cases, but the fact is that oftentimes it is the machinery that is faulty. When this is the case, an injured construction worker may be able to pursue financial compensation from the company that manufactured the equipment. However, these lawsuits are often hotly contested, requiring strong advocacy to have a chance at winning.

The potential defendants in a medical malpractice case in Chicago

Each year thousands of Americans, including many people in Chicago, suffer an injury or some sort of illness due to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can occur in any number of healthcare situations, from a long-term hospital or nursing home stay to a simple doctor appointment that lasts mere minutes. When mistakes are made in a Chicago resident's healthcare plan, though, the effects can be long-lasting.

Beyond the immediate need to address the injury or illness that resulted from the negligence, victims will also likely be looking ahead to what they will need to do to prove a medical malpractice claim. The first step is usually to figure out who should actually be the named in the lawsuit and from whom compensation will be sought.

There are different ways of pursuing nursing home abuse cases

Nursing home abuse and neglect are problems for some individuals who rely on care facilities to provide them with support during times of need. Chicago residents who personally experience harm due to nursing home abuse or neglect, or who believe that loved ones may be suffering from such traumas, can always discuss their concerns with attorneys who work in the personal injury field. Legal professionals who practice in this area can generally provide their clients with guidance on the concept of negligence, whether or not it likely caused the harm at issue, breaches of contracts, and other bases on which nursing home abuse and neglect cases may be pursued.

A nursing home's owner and employees may be liable for a nursing home patient's injuries based on a variety of negligence-based actions or omissions. If the patient is not properly supervised and is harmed as a result of such deficiency, negligence may attach to the nursing home and its personnel. If a nursing home fails to keep its facility in safe, working order, and a patient is harmed due to structural or building-based inferiorities in the building, negligence may also attach.