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Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse Archives

Nursing home abuse: When other residents are involved

One of the most difficult times in life occurs when it becomes clear that one or both of your parents are no longer capable of caring for themselves at home. Maybe they are becoming frail and have injured themselves. Perhaps they are at great risk for falling or other similar dangers. Maybe your loved ones have grown increasingly forgetful, are not cooking meals and have otherwise failed to properly care for themselves.

What should I ask when considering residency in a nursing home?

Leaving one's house in order to take residency in a Chicago nursing home can be an intimidating process. Without having the comforts of one's own home to enjoy on a daily basis, one can face challenges and difficulties that can significantly affect their freedoms. This can be especially true when that individual becomes an in-patient of a nursing home facility. One of the most important things that a person can do when faced with this difficult prospect is to make sure that the nursing home he plans to enter is prepared to meet his needs.

There are different ways of pursuing nursing home abuse cases

Nursing home abuse and neglect are problems for some individuals who rely on care facilities to provide them with support during times of need. Chicago residents who personally experience harm due to nursing home abuse or neglect, or who believe that loved ones may be suffering from such traumas, can always discuss their concerns with attorneys who work in the personal injury field. Legal professionals who practice in this area can generally provide their clients with guidance on the concept of negligence, whether or not it likely caused the harm at issue, breaches of contracts, and other bases on which nursing home abuse and neglect cases may be pursued.

Do I give up my rights when I become a nursing home resident?

Not many Chicago residents are willing to give up their independence. Having one's own home, the ability to drive, and the power to make decisions for one's self are all capacities that some people take for granted. When illness, injury, or other ailments force a person to seek the ongoing assistance of a medical or nursing care facility, he may find that the luxury of independence that he once enjoyed is replaced by the control of a third party.

We give a voice to victims of nursing home neglect

The decision to enter a nursing home is never easy for an individual or his or her family. All throughout the greater Chicago area, families are struggling with how to best handle the medical and care decisions of their loved ones with special needs. If and when an individual is placed in a nursing home facility, his or her family may worry about the quality of attention that their loved one is receiving.

Bed sores may be staged based on their severity

Bed sores can result from prolonged pressure placed on a small area of a person's body. Chicago residents who are unable to move on their own and who spend long periods of time sitting or in bed can develop these painful and sometimes dangerous wounds. Just as any abrasion may be mild or severe, a bed sore may start out as a minor affliction but develop into a serious medical condition. As a bed sore changes from slight to significant, it may receive a different stage classification.

Receiving the improper medication can be life-threatening

Prescription drugs often come with warning labels that explain how the drugs should be administered. Some prescriptions cannot be taken with food; others must be taken on a full stomach. Some cannot be taken with certain other drugs. For a Chicago resident who must contend with multiple prescriptions and varying drug contraindications, knowing how and when to take a needed medication can be very confusing.

Illinois considers allowing video cameras in nursing homes

Every year thousands of complaints are lodged with the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding alleged nursing home abuse and neglect. Nursing homes provide care for senior citizens and other individuals with diminished physical and mental capacities who need support to perform the minor and major requirements of daily living. While some of the complaints received by DPH are meritless, others involve significant violations of the law that result in serious injuries to nursing home patients.

Administering the improper medication can be life-threatening

One reason that Chicago residents find themselves in nursing homes and care facilities is because they face challenges with regard to taking care of themselves. Some individuals suffer physical injuries that prevent them from living self-sufficient lives, while others succumb to mental illnesses and neurological problems that affect their abilities to live alone. Under the care of a licensed medical or nursing home, a person should have his physical and mental needs addressed.

Residents have rights to prevent nursing home abuse

This Chicago personal injury law blog has looked at some of the horrific problems that can occur when nursing home residents suffer from neglect and abuse. From bed sores and falls to mental trauma and assault, the harm that some nursing home residents must endure while under the watch of care facilities is tragic, heartbreaking and, in some cases, violent. Nursing home residents do, however, have legal rights. Even though they are not living in their own homes, they deserve and have the rights to the respect and duty of care expected of nursing homes and care facilities.