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Overmedication in nursing homes qualifies as abuse

Recent studies have confirmed what professionals have long feared. Many nursing homes, in an effort to make staff members' jobs easier, will occasionally overprescribe medication or prescribe unnecessary medicine to their residents. One investigation conducted by NPR found that an excessive number of nursing home residents received antipsychotic drugs even though they did not have a condition that warranted such medication. 

Something Terrible Is Happening in Illinois Nursing Homes

seniors-protection.jpgThe number of residents who are evicted from nursing homes is rising, placing the safety of vulnerable people in jeopardy and prompting enhanced scrutiny of the reasoning and methods behind the moves. While there are legitimate reasons for removing a resident from a nursing home, profit is often the motive behind eviction decisions made by many nursing home facilities.

Early Intervention May Reduce the Likelihood of Elder Mistreatment

hospice.jpgEarly intervention on the part of social workers, health care professionals, mental health care providers, and caregivers is essential for reducing the rates of nursing home neglect and abuse. Early intervention and mandated reporting cease the abuse on the individual and can help protect future patients from becoming victims as well.

Are Nursing Homes Making it Easier for Perpetrators to Abuse the Elderly?

nursing home abuse.pngBy providing poor training, low-wages, and questionable oversight nursing homes are allowing abuse to flourish. Whether it is financial, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, owners, operators, and staff members at nursing home facilities across the nation are failing to protect nursing home residents from physical harm and exploitation. It is estimated that one out of every ten nursing home residents will suffer some form of abuse.

What Are the Most Common Nursing Home Injuries?

When it comes to choosing a nursing home, assisted-living, or retirement home for your elderly parent, the more you learn about the facility the better. If you do not screen homes carefully, your loved one could find her or himself living in a place where the most basic of needs are not met. 

How to Talk to a Loved One About Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse might seem like an issue that occurs only rarely. However, it is shockingly prevalent. In fact, a report from ABC News showed that nearly one out of every three nursing homes had at least one instance of abuse occur. Some of the most common problems that happen include inadequate sanitation, dehydration, and bedsores. 

Pressure Ulcers are Preventable Signs of Abuse

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for elder sitting wheelchair.jpgPressure ulcers are common signs of abuse in nursing homes that are preventable when nursing home staff perform their duties properly. The CDC estimates that as many as one in every ten nursing home residents suffers from pressure ulcers. The presence of pressure ulcers indicates that patients are not being properly cared for and the consequences can be downright lethal.

Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse

Every year, millions older Americans suffer physical abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Many suffer in silence, too afraid or intimidated to draw attention to their suffering. Often they are often being tormented by caregivers who are responsible for providing their meals and attending to their personal needs.

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