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Tailgating and Fierce Rivalries Can Lead to Parking Lot Injuries, Deaths

parking-lot-240896_640.jpgWhen attendees at sporting events get hot under the collar as rivalries and competition heats up, venue owners have a duty of care that includes protecting individuals on-site from harm. When organizers of events or property owners fail to provide adequate security, a personal injury lawyer in Chicago can hold them liable for the property damage and personal injuries that result. While sports players and staff often have significant protection during a game, fans and bystanders are left largely to fend for themselves if an altercation erupts. 

Factors that Facilitate Violence

Alcohol consumption is a frequent factor that flows throughout many barroom brawls and parking lot scuffles. Other factors can include inadequate separation of supporters from each team, and improper supervision of activities taking place on the premises. The more people present, the greater the rivalry, and the more alcohol that flows, the greater the potential for problems. It is not uncommon for altercations involving one or two people to explode into brawls and battles involving dozens or more. As more people become involved, the risk to those in the vicinity who can become entangled in the fight before they can safely escape increases.   

Responsibility of Event Managers and Facility Managers

Event managers and facility managers need to take reasonable precautions any time a gathering of people is expected for a sporting event. This includes having plans in place to limit alcohol consumption and formulating plans on how to deal with fights, assaults, and vandalism. These entities must ensure that they have a sufficient number of properly trained security professionals on-site to address the number of people expected to attend as well as any issues that could be reasonably expected. These include known rivalries, known safety threats, and known individuals with a history of causing disruptions and altercations

Securing Potential Hotspots

Fights and scuffles can erupt anywhere, however, there are some spots that are frequently the site of altercations. While the stands, parking lots, and bathrooms are the most common locations, venue operators must be prepared for every spot on the grounds to become a hotspot. Prior to any event, venue operators and the security team have a duty of care that includes limiting access to potential hotspots and closely monitoring events taking place in the parking lot, stands, bathrooms, etc. where verbal disagreements can quickly evolve into physical altercations.

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